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Flights to Canada

Cheap flights to Canada

To find a cheap flight to Canada please supply your travel information and click the search button to the left. Alternatively you can call us on +353 1 2412389 to find cheap flights to Canada from Ireland . Canada is surpirisingly enough the second biggest country in teh world and is a great place to go on holiday given the huge variety on offer from vibrant cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec and Toronto to snow covered peaks and scenery that is unrivalled from the amazing Rocky mountains and the alpine towns dotted throughout.  All year round Canada is a great place to visit. Below are some of the best flight prices to Canada in the past 48 hours on

Flights to Canada

Search for your flights to Canada

Flight offers to Canada

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The choice of airlines that can get flights to Canada from Ireland include the following.

  • British Airways offers flights to Canada from Dublin via London Heathrow
  • Air Canada have flights to Toronto direct from Ireland.
  • Continental have direct flights via Newark.
  • American airlines offer flights to Toronto via various US gateway cities,
  • Air France have flights to Canada via Paris,
  • Continental have flights to Canada via numerous US Gateway cities,
  • United Airlines offer cheap flights to Toronto via London,
  • US Airways have flights to Canada from Dublin via Philadelphia,
  • Virgin offer flights to Canada from Dublin via London.

If you are thinking of travelling to Canada why not check out our best prices on flights to Montreal, flights to Vancouver, and flights to Toronto.

Destinations in Canada

Customer Feedback

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  • Excellent Approval Rating:97%
Date:22nd May 2015Flight to Las VegasComment:First time user and got the best price. Easy to navigate.
Date:22nd May 2015Flight to BangkokComment:I have used Gohop for my long distance travel for years because your web site is fast and informative. When I've needed to call staff were friendly and efficient
Aileen Roantree
Ps your rating buttons above are not easy to use
Date:22nd May 2015Flight to FaroComment:when I first tried to book, I didn't know how too. It was on my second attempt I realised I had to put the hotel name in a certain box before it opened up the next section to input all my details. There should be some sort of indication or direction to fill this box with the hotel name. Because if you miss this step it does allow to progress and input your info to finalise your chosen holiday. Just a small detail that had me scratching my head trying to figure out what I was missing, once I put the hotel name in tho everything went smoothly after that.


Date:22nd May 2015Flight to FaroComment:Easy to use and very helpful
Date:21st May 2015Flight Booking:orlandoComment:An excellent web site and service I would definitely encourage people to use this service for price and quality. 5 star site
Date:21st May 2015Flight to Gran CanariaComment:Everything was clear and is to book on the website.
Date:21st May 2015Flight to LisbonComment:Website is easy to navigate and the speed of searching is good. It is easy to change search details also.

Positive booking experience - no requirement to "deselect" options.
Date:21st May 2015Flight Booking:las vegasComment:Operator I spoke to was efficient and pleasant
Date:21st May 2015Flight to Surabaya JuandaComment:Your staff were very helpful and quick to respond. I've had no issues at all, I did end up booking my own trip on the automated service in the end anyway but your agent did about as much as was possible and everything I asked for she responded swiftly and pleasantly. Thanks.
Date:20th May 2015Flight to ReginaComment:Easy to use, excellent prices, immediate booking info, quick service- always a pleasure! I have used gohop many times before and will do so again- to me it is the most reliable website for the kind of trips I take, which are largely to North America and Europe.
Date:19th May 2015Flight to LanzaroteComment:So far, no problems at all for booking my holidays. Easy to find, good options and well explained. Confirmations were sent very quick as well.
Date:19th May 2015Flight Booking:dublinComment:Not bad service I used the site because I trusted it, I had a cheaper price with travel merry but decided to use go hop.
I needed to ring in as I was told my card was declined it worked when I called, they could of been a bit quicker answering the phone as been on hold while calling from another country is expensive.
I also made another query by email that hasn't been answered yet.
Date:17th May 2015Flight to Gran CanariaComment:Very efficient. Only negative - we did not know where exactly to get the transfer bus when we arrived abroad and the bus took 2 hours for a 45 minute journey because it was dropping other passengers off at other resorts and towns.
Date:17th May 2015Flight to LanzaroteComment:Everything was great
Date:17th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:This is my second time using gohop and find it easy to book on line and the prices are very competitive and lots of choices, would recommend to family and friends
Date:15th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:My travel agen were charging me a lot of money for a holiday when a friend told me to try gohop and book it myself. I found the same holiday for almost 400 euro cheaper I was so impressed. Gohop also offered me a much wider variety and choice. It also allowed me to look up reviews on certain apartment complexes helping me to make my choice. The booking process was easy with no hidden costs. Overall I was very very impressed and I will be certainly using this web site again in the future. Ten out of ten. Thank you!!
Date:15th May 2015Flight to SplitComment:On website I don't know ticket is with baggage u don't have any information about this in office Lady's are not nice and not to much helpful more I found on website I asked women about connection between towns but she told she can't find but I saw on website so why she didn't see these positions.Thank you
Date:15th May 2015Flight to Beijing CapitalComment:Very easy process
Date:15th May 2015Flight Booking:las vegasComment:No complaints yet
Date:15th May 2015Flight to VancouverComment:very good company to book flight's with staff very helpful on the phone
Date:14th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:Very quick transaction. Hassle free.All documents emailed within an hour.
Date:13th May 2015Flight to MalagaComment:I found the site very good. Very easy to use. It is like cassidys travel website. I found it was the cheapest and really easy to book. The for a great deal.
Date:13th May 2015Flight to VancouverComment:I found the experience a very positive one, can't complain at all.
It was all very easy to follow with clear instructions, thank you.
Have one wee query and that is separate and I could have missed it but how do I book assistance for my trip as I have some difficulty with mobility.
Date:12th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:I find the gohop web site really easy to navigate.
Date:12th May 2015Flight to DublinComment:I have been using gohop for 5+ years and always it provides fast and cost saving results. i have recommended it to many friends. when there have been issues i have been able to contact them by phone and solve things in a practical way
Date:12th May 2015Flight to PalmaComment:The site does a great job of searching for results. But it makes no effort at high grading them (eg on basis of user needs or customer reviews of hotels).
Date:12th May 2015Flight to TenerifeComment:You need one more options: "neutral"... I like gohop website, is clear ane easy to use, but I don't like, that prices are going up in few minutes when I loken on similar option and after this I get back on my first choice - price was around 50 euro more expencive!!!!
Date:11th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:I first try to book and did not go through on line. Then I rebooked and it went through ok. Received email advising booking did not go through. Price and selection of apartment is good
Date:10th May 2015Flight to DublinComment:Don't understand how you got it cheaper than the airline itself! Would have been nice if it was clearer that a bag is or is not included in the price - i still am unsure

Thanks tho
Date:10th May 2015Flight to PalmaComment:It was very easy quick and enjoyable thank you gohop
Date:10th May 2015Flight to TenerifeComment:Very good service booking wise,quick and easy. Was advised documents could take up to 72hours due to it being a weekend but got them in 3mins into my email
Under promise....over deliver
Date:10th May 2015Flight to excellent very easy to use
Date:09th May 2015Flight to Las VegasComment:Very easy to use
Date:09th May 2015Flight Booking:hanoiComment:Smooth transaction
Date:08th May 2015Flight to MelbourneComment:very easy to follow and good with price which is important
Date:08th May 2015Flight to MemphisComment:Very easy to use, very straightforward. great to have option to pay with debit card
Date:08th May 2015Flight to FuerteventuraComment:Extremely easy to book online & very impressed with the speed of the transactions.
I had my hotel & airline confirmations emailed to me within minutes.
Date:08th May 2015Flight to HanoiComment:Found the website very easy to use. It was very straightforward to input my travel requests and compare prices etc.
I particularly liked the fact that there is the option to book multi city trips and you are not refined to booking return trips to/from the same city.
Date:08th May 2015Flight to New York All AirportsComment:Couldn't actually believe that when I rang up about flights they worked out more expensive to book over the phone. Other than that, all good!
Date:07th May 2015Flight Booking:lagosComment:The experience of my last booking was quite good and impressive. Because I knew the reason for delay in confirmation of my booking was that of security.
Date:07th May 2015Flight to LanzaroteComment:Great service
Date:07th May 2015Flight to VancouverComment:I had to phone your office as the booking didn't go through error on my part wrong expiry date entered the lad that helped me was very helpful
Date:07th May 2015Flight Booking:frankfurtComment:Easy to use, and price are the best
Date:07th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:Great service. Choice of properties excellent. Good value for money.
Date:07th May 2015Flight to Los AngelesComment:Excellent website and very easy to use
Date:06th May 2015Flight to Manila Ninoy IntlComment:My experience with Gohop was a nightmare. I booked and paid 630 Euro for a flight and tried to cancel it a couple of weeks later to find that there was zero deposit.

It was my own fault .. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your company ... just saying my own personal experience was sickening
Date:06th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:Very quick and easy to use
Date:05th May 2015Flight to Los AngelesComment:10 out of 10 very good
Date:05th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:At last! Easy to use,.no trawling for hours to find the best value..delighted,and have recommended gohop to loads of friends! Looking forward to Portugal next month..and will be visiting gohop again!
Date:05th May 2015Flight to OrlandoComment:Really easy site to navigate, quick and easy to book.
Date:04th May 2015Flight to PragueComment:Gold value for money & easy to make booking.
Date:04th May 2015Flight to SofiaComment:Hi, I find it a bit of a pain that everytime I book a trip on Gohop, it refuses my credit card because it's not an Irish card. Can't you simply recognise that I'm a regular customer. (I am Irish, not living in Ireland)
Date:04th May 2015Flight to FaroComment:Very good cheap holiday easy to use the site.
One suggestion is make it easier to view the cost for the dates either side of departure. So you can seeif it is cheaper or dearer going on a monday or the thursday.
I will tripadvise on my return good or bad and I will mention go hop in a positive manner.

Date:03rd May 2015Flight to FaroComment:Excellent service from I would certainly use them again.
Date:02nd May 2015Flight to CancunComment:Very pleasant and enjoyable experience with great value for money!
Date:01st May 2015Flight to FaroComment:I found the lady named Mary that i was speaking too very helpful and had great patience as i would not be a wiz kid on the laptop. The only fault i had with the company i waited two hours on a call back to book the holiday and i give up in the end and i had to phone them back so i really think they should work on call backs to customers
Date:01st May 2015Flight to Edinburgh AirportComment:Great help and advise
Date:30th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:Very easy use , great value deals and expert advice
Date:29th April 2015Flight to BangkokComment:I had problems with the actual bookings as I kept getting a message that I was entering an unsecured website. However I called your office during opening hours and one of your staff members, her name is Becky was incredibly helpful and sorted me out immediately. I have used your site before and I also have recommended it to some of my friends. In fact my husband may be accompaning me on my trip to Bangkok and I certainly will be using your company for booking the flights.Thank You Margaret Conlon. A very happy customer.
Date:29th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:I found the website very easy and quick to use.
Date:29th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:HI I booked my holiday yesterday and spoke with Paul who was extremely helpful. Looking forward to my trip Portugal next week.
Date:29th April 2015Flight to FuerteventuraComment:Overall a good experience. The girl I spoke with on the phone was very pleasant and very helpful. Refreshing to get a nice person on the other end.

However when I was making my booking online, I was permitted to submit my holiday request despite the fact that my 20mins had lapsed. The message on the pop up told me not to book again and call the office the next morning. When I did call the office, I was told then that the reason for my booking not going through was this 20mins time period had expired (plus I had wrong email address)

The girl confirmed the offer was still online and I could still make a booking but I was disappointment to learn that the cost had also increased.

So my suggestion is

- A message should have alerted me to the fact I was outside of my 20mins time
- Or my request should have been rejected immediately (this would have meant I would have retried and more than likely completed the booking within 20mins and at the lower cost) instead I had to wait until the next day to get advice and pay more. (And just say that particular holiday was not available I would have went to another site to book)

Also search results takes longer to load than other travel sites.

Overall I was happy with the booking just some suggestions above as you asked!

Niamh Buckley
Date:29th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:Very usernf4iemdly with so many options. One of the best sites I've used-especially when you need to fly specific dates.
Date:28th April 2015Flight to LanzaroteComment:Go Hop .ie made booking our holiday very easy,thank you
Date:28th April 2015Flight Booking:harareComment:The experience I had with was excellent according to me. The agent who served me was cheerful and friendly such that I felt at easy and accommodated. I think if you keep up the service I won't hesitate to recommend all my friends and family to book flight through
Date:28th April 2015Flight Booking:lagosComment:The telephone service was poor for the kind of service you provide at, it would have been easier to speak to someone on time without any delay. However I found the attendant/agent helpful while on the phone.

Thank you.
Date:28th April 2015Flight Booking:melbourneComment:Effortless booking experience.Possibly employ more calltakers.I was cut off twice whilst on hold.
Date:28th April 2015Flight to MalagaComment:I have used this site on a number of occasions and spoke to Mary who was so helpful. 100 per cent service
Date:27th April 2015Flight to HanoiComment:Great price on flights and a really good service too
Date:27th April 2015Flight to PalmaComment:I found the booking straight forward i did have a query and was given a prompt reply which i appreciated. I am looking forward to my holiday now and I hope to use in the future.
Date:27th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:Everything was so easy! the wedsite allowed me to include bus transfers making my booking all in one place. When you pick the deal you want they even give you additional hotels to choose from and pick which one you think is best.
From now on I will defo be booking any of my trips and holidays from here
Date:27th April 2015Flight Booking:bangkokComment:I booked our flights with an extremely pleasant and helpful agent called Mary and i would have no hesitation about contacting her again.
Date:26th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:It made my booking easier and cheaper!
Date:26th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:This is a great service with great prices. ...will definitely be using gohop again
Date:25th April 2015Flight to Kathmandu TribhuvanComment:I was informed in good time that there was a change of price between booking a flight on-line and confirmation of the flight. Although dissapointed that I had to pay an extra €50 on the price shown, the fligt was booked and cofirmed and I could continue with my travel plans.

Site is always my 1st stop when planning a trip.
Date:25th April 2015Flight to SydneyComment:Excellent! Very easy to navigate throughput the site. Was able to make the booking without any problems. Very fast and efficient! Conformation bookings were sent immediately after the booking was confirmed and lots of information we made clear and available for me..
Date:24th April 2015Flight Booking:vancouverComment:I have used gohop previously and have found them to be efficient and reliable
Date:24th April 2015Flight to AthensComment:Very good prices and service. I got the confirmation email within 2 minutes of the booking. is a trustworthy website, don't hesitate to use it! Thanks a lot!
Date:24th April 2015Flight to Las VegasComment:Very competitive prices for flights and very easy booking, good range of flight options and prices available however to book a hotel or to book a package holiday is a little more expensive than other websites.
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to FuerteventuraComment:This is the second time ive used I'm very happy with the process. Very easy and straight forward. Great price...hope the holiday lives upto expectations!!!
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to FaroComment:i was dealing with a lady named Mary she was super in every way I hope go hop no they have a diamond working for them because of her I will definitely use go hop again great experience Mary made the whole process so easy....
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to MinotComment:Very easy site to use. Phone them also to confirm some details and they were very helpful.
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to FaroComment:God service and affordable prices.
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to DublinComment:Very user friendly online website and very helpful staff whenever I call
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to FaroComment:Pricing could be more transparent
Date:23rd April 2015Flight to BangkokComment:Very good with in seconds of booking i got a email saying i was booked
Date:22nd April 2015Flight to GenevaComment:very good got just what we wanted Thank you
Date:22nd April 2015Flight to Gran CanariaComment:excellent service i love Gohop and always use it
Date:22nd April 2015Flight Booking:dublinComment:First ,I was disappointed when my booking was declined after my husband made a booking while he was in Ireland and me here in South Africa.But after I informed him about my booking,he immediately called and talked to one of the people to your helping desk and the person was so helpful to be honest,and that it made me realised that he was right when he chose the Gohop to book my ticket.
So I can say Gohop is the Best to their client!
Keep it up like that.
Date:21st April 2015Flight to FaroComment:Easy to use and good value !
Date:21st April 2015Flight to FaroComment:First class service
Date:21st April 2015Flight to DublinComment:Fine experience, thanks!
Date:20th April 2015Flight to New York NewarkComment:While booking my flight, I had a minor issue which was sorted in a matter of minutes by a lovely, helpful girl in customer service. I would definitely use to book again as it was easy to use and convenient
Date:20th April 2015Flight to PragueComment:Easy to use website but will
see how the package holiday works out
Date:20th April 2015Flight to PalmaComment:Good all round
Date:16th April 2015Flight to TorontoComment:Very straightforward and so easy to understand would recommend this site
Date:16th April 2015Flight to San FranciscoComment:Excellent as usual. Put in an incorrect debit card number and they were quick in getting back to me and resolving over the phone.
Date:15th April 2015Flight to BostonComment:Shopped around and received the best pri e here delighted
Date:14th April 2015Flight to IbizaComment:Very impressed with the service Well done
Date:14th April 2015Flight to FaroComment:Excellent to deal with it was a very easy and friendly experience.