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Flights to American holidays, Destinations

Cheap flights to America:

A colossal country of open highways, natural beauty, and a culture that has influenced the world. Book a flight to America and explore the iconic metropolises of New York and Los Angeles, discover the dazzling beaches stretching from San Francisco to San Diego, soak up the stunning scenery of the majestic national parks, or roam through the elegant streets of historic Boston. 
Whether you want to soak up sunshine on the golden beaches of Miami, or soak up culture in the incredible museums of Washington and New York, or simply check out the trendy cafes and bars of Seattle, America is sure to have something spectacular to offer you. Stretching from the shimmering coastline of California to the twinkling skyline of New York, America is a country bound to impress even the most cynical of travellers. 
So go ahead, browse through our flights to America and see what inspires your wanderlust.
Alternatively, take a look at our flights to the USA and see if your perfect flight to America is already waiting for you.
When looking for cheap flights to America from Dublin, Shannon or Cork airport, we will ensure you get the best deal. We compare hundreds of airlines and return the lowest airfares for your chosen dates of travel. Airline prices change continually and as flights fill up the price goes up, so try playing around with your dates by using the search form on this page to find the best prices for your flights to America.
The following airlines offer flights to America:
  • US Airways offer flights to various American cities via Philadelphia.
  • United have nonstop flights to New York and onwards.
  • Air France have flights to USA via Paris.
  • Virgin Atlantic offer flights to USA via London.
  • KLM offer flights to USA via Amsterdam
  • British Airways offer flights to USA via London Heathrow.


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Flight offers to American holidays

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Seats: can offer you a broad range of travel options and not just on flights. If you need to hire a car, book a hotel, self-catering apartment you can add these options when you book flights to America from Dublin, Shannon or Cork. If you need extra help when you book your flights, or if you need assistance in anyway, our customers service agents based in Ireland are here to help you. You can call us or email us and our friendly award winning staff are available to help you Monday - Friday 09.15 - 17.30. Saturday 10.00 – 13.00.
For more information the best holiday offers to North America, contact one of our sales representatives, who will be more than happy in helping you find the best prices to suit your taste and budget or simply if you have accommodation and only need Flights to North America, consult our website for the best prices available.


Destinations in American holidays

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Date:23rd September 2014Flight to Bundaberg:BundabergComment:Being disabled, I like clarity in all ways. you are almost there!
Date:22nd September 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:am very happy , v good service
Date:22nd September 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:I had a problem with my booking so I rang and spoke to Orla. Orla was very helpful and sorted it out for me. very good customer service.
Date:22nd September 2014Flight to La Paz (Bolivia):La Paz (Bolivia)Comment:Was able to book a different return destination simply which was very useful. Cheaper than other websites I checked.
Date:21st September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:I phoned them and they were very helpful if I got any problems in booking on the net give them a call and they would be very happy to help.
Date:21st September 2014Flight to New York John F Kennedy:New York John F KennedyComment:Very quick and not complicated
Date:21st September 2014Flight to Phuket:PhuketComment:very easy, clear, simple. it took a minute to do it, it's great!
Date:18th September 2014Flight to Lanzarote:LanzaroteComment:Very competitive price, prompt response to holiday search.
Date:17th September 2014Flight to Alicante:AlicanteComment:Its very easy to use and has loads of choice.i found it very helpful
Date:17th September 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:Very easy to use, user-friendly, good photo to support hotels, everything outlined clearly!
Date:16th September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:made booking at1230am sun morning did not see email until11pm sun night rang first thing mondaymorning price gone up 55euros bad customer care
Date:16th September 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:When I spoke to a representative before booking online she was cheerful, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
Date:15th September 2014Flight to Lanzarote:LanzaroteComment:I found the experience very Good, good website to use and provided the best value around for booking a week break.
Date:15th September 2014Flight to Myrtle Beach:Myrtle BeachComment:The booking system is very easy to use
Date:14th September 2014Flight to Charlotte:CharlotteComment:Worked very well - got a good rate and choice of flight times, with no wild variations in rates between successive look-ups.
Date:14th September 2014Flight to Alicante:AlicanteComment:For around a week I checked every holiday website there was to book my holiday with my boyfriend every time was miles cheaper! it was the best price for my 4 star hotel in benidorm and I am very exited to go in June!
Thank you
Date:13th September 2014Flight to Malta:MaltaComment:I have being using gohop for at least ten years and to me there is no one to compare with them great stuff
Date:13th September 2014Flight to Krabi:KrabiComment:GoHop is pretty much the first site I go to for all of my flights.
Date:13th September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:emma is so experienced , so friendly on line. what I thought was lovely is when she,s looking up your destination she keeps talking to you, instead of most travel agents that put you on hold. gohop is fast service no long delays. emma took as long to find right destination no hurry
Date:11th September 2014Flight to Palma:PalmaComment:i have always used alpha rooms to book holidays but i found your site much easier to use with more information for the user will be using your site in the future
Date:11th September 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:Good customer support, quick response to query
Date:11th September 2014Flight to Orlando:OrlandoComment:So efficient and quick. I booked flights and with 2 minutes was on the aircrafts official page getting my seats!
Would recommend and will use again.
Date:10th September 2014Flight to New York John F Kennedy:New York John F KennedyComment:very good price and service
Date:10th September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:All in one offering makes life so much easier. Actually checked out Trip Advisor and others and found this the most straight forward and easiest to understand. Well done
Date:09th September 2014Flight to Seattle:SeattleComment:No problems , flights were easy to book.
Date:09th September 2014Flight to Brisbane:BrisbaneComment:Very easy to use
Date:08th September 2014Flight to Miami:MiamiComment:I have used the gohop site twice and each time I've had a positive experience. Other sites I've tried using advertised cheaper flight prices that were not valid. When I went to book on these sites the flight was unavailable. Thankfully my booking on gohop was straightforward and plenty of valid options.
Date:08th September 2014Flight to Nairobi Jomo:Nairobi JomoComment:easy to navigate the website
Date:07th September 2014Flight to Orlando All Airports:Orlando All AirportsComment:fast and straightforward
Date:07th September 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:Becky was extremely helpful in helping me put my package together, and informed me if I wanted to save money I could still book in line, which I then did. Well done Becky, quick and easy and helpful.
Date:06th September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:No problem booking. very straight forward and very good deal.
Date:06th September 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:Very straight forward no problems.
Date:06th September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Brilliant..... Brilliant.... BRILLIANT!!!!
Date:06th September 2014Flight to San Diego:San DiegoComment:Very easy booking process, was a pleasure to book here.
Date:05th September 2014Flight to Orlando:OrlandoComment:Easy to use and friendly customer service
Date:05th September 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:Cheapest prices as I searched a lot of providers and go hop couldn't be beat! Quick and easy online service with fast confirmation. Highly recommend and will be booking with again:) happy customer thanks go hop
Date:04th September 2014Flight to Johannesburg:JohannesburgComment:Very easy steps when booking flighs
Date:04th September 2014Flight to West Palm Beach:West Palm BeachComment:Booking service was good, but I haven't received confirmation email - this is the second time this has happened in a couple of months. I know the booking is confirmed - I have checked on the website, but want confirmation as reassurance and also as an e-ticket.
Date:04th September 2014Flight to Lanzarote:LanzaroteComment:I found to be extremely customer friendly and offered great value holiday at reasonable prices. I will definitely be using again in the future.
Date:03rd September 2014Flight to Chania:ChaniaComment:We had a pretty disappointing experience for more reasons.
First thing, we did not receive the Car Voucher from Gohop among the many other bookings and documents. We only realised on our own about this missing document few days before the departure, and had to call the Customer Support to get it.
On top of this, the Car rental company tried to charge us for the additional driver when we had it included in our paid price, saying that the agreements we had with the broker (Gohop) wouldn't count for them. As we refused, only one of us could drive the car.
Last and more annoying issue is that by the time of dropping the bag in the airport, we were told that the bag was not included in our booking. This resulted in having to pay 70 euros for the late checked-in item and paying later on additional 50 euros for the the way back, through non-secured network of course.
We are 100% sure that we added a bag during the booking, I even remember the price for both ways, but there has been no way to prove it.
We did not open a complaint to Gohop because we couldn't show any evidence of what has happened, but this is definitely the kind of bad surprises you do not want when leaving for holidays.
Date:03rd September 2014Flight to Tenerife:TenerifeComment:Very good fast booking
Date:03rd September 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:No problemo
Date:01st September 2014Flight to West Palm Beach:West Palm BeachComment:It was just excellent my first time to use the site
I rang up today and spoke with Becky from Wales it was a pure pleasure
she was so helpful
Thank you
Date:01st September 2014Flight to Guarulhos Sao Paulo:Guarulhos Sao PauloComment:Clear web site, quick and efficient. easy to navigate. Holiday booked in no time!
Date:01st September 2014Flight to Lisbon:LisbonComment:I found the site easy to follow and they confirmed my booking quickly, even though it was on a weekend. It was also relatively quick and easy to actually make the booking.
Date:01st September 2014Flight to Brussels:BrusselsComment:Fast booking, that's my second time that I book through the webpage. The first time it was excellent, hopefully the second as well
Date:31st August 2014Flight to Lagos:LagosComment:Great service
Date:31st August 2014Flight to Orlando All Airports:Orlando All AirportsComment:I had attempted to use another site but found gohop to be very fast and streamlined
Date:30th August 2014Flight to New York Newark:New York NewarkComment:Brillant
Date:27th August 2014Flight to Accra:AccraComment:It was just great it was soo quick and easy. I have travelled around the world and I will never book with anyone else
Date:27th August 2014Flight to Mumbai:MumbaiComment:Easy yo use site. I hope and trust that sufficient time is allowed for transfer s between terminsls
Date:27th August 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:Website was very easy to navigate through,and the price was also the cheapest that I could find. I usually purchase my tickets through, but your price was best. Thank You.
Date:27th August 2014Flight to Beijing Capital:Beijing CapitalComment:Great deal. Will book again in the future!
Date:26th August 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:I took the option of renting a car for my visit and on the processing section after booking flight and hotels there was a car rental option which was good value.

it stated that this included insurance.

Which it did, but only very limited insurance with very high excess levels, which was not mentioned on the booking page.

also, clearly not mentioned at booking stage was that there would be a further 24 euro 'handling charge' for the car rental- for fuelling and refuelling. These costs increased the car rental from 43 euro to 43 +57 + 24.

the insurance I can understand- though it is still misleading. the 24 euro handling charge is completely misleading and is an unmentioned cost. I was not even aware of this until I was ready to rent the car after QUEUING for 2 hours - so not paying it was not an option at that stage. Even on the booking vouvher the 24 euro extra cost is hidden in small print.

this is disgraceful practice and it significantly damaged my holiday enjoyment and my experience of

this type of manipulation is not acceptable, it is misleading and, in view, as close to theft as you can get.

I am requesting a refund of a minimum of the 24 euro cost.
Date:26th August 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:really happy with how easy it was to book and thrilled with the price!!
Date:26th August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Very easy to use
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:Easy to understand plain and simple satisfactory.
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Except when it "timed out " and had to start the process of booking all over again.
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Auckland:AucklandComment:Not happy though with high credit card charge!
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Lisbon:LisbonComment:nice helpful person who answered phone
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Seattle:SeattleComment:When i started looking for flights, I did a search on gohop but the flights i was looking for did not appear on the first page or so.. honestly i did not trawl through all the pages, I then put in a search through skyscanner and found the flight i was looking for by Gohop.
I have booked with you in the past and well pleased with all. Thank you.
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:Very fast way to book flights. Happy with the value for money
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:This is an excellent, flexible service which makes booking a complete trip a pleasure. The service costs a little extra, but pays for itself by presenting all the options clearly and unambiguously.
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Dublin:DublinComment:Booking was quick and transparent. I was happy with the service provided but disappointed to realise that the price I paid for my flights fell by 40 euro the day after I booked them to the price they were the day before I booked them...I feel that, somehow I cought out.
Date:25th August 2014Flight to Johannesburg:JohannesburgComment:No problems with website
Date:24th August 2014Flight to Lanzarote:LanzaroteComment:Very reasonable price, booked a package deal for two of us and looked at other holiday companies and they didn't even have the dates we wanted and they were literally charging double the price, overall I'm very happy with how quick and easy it was to book with gohop
Date:20th August 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:The best advice and help you can get ,
very professional at their job ,
makes it very easy to book a flight & hotel with them,
will use them again.
Date:16th August 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:The booking process was quick and straight forward and reasonably priced. Got confirmation of the booking very quickly. Maybe a little more information on the hotel and the hotels location would be helpful for people booking. As the hotel I ended up booking was quite a good distance away from the beech etc. so just maybe a small bit more information would be helpful for people booking especially if they don't know the area. All and all I had no problems at all with
Date:16th August 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:I have normally only booked through carrier airlines... This is teh first time using this service, I find I cannot book online and its rather confusing to boot. I'm told that I have to check in at each individual airport but there appears to be not enough time to check in at the second airport and make it on the connecting flight.

Overall I'm very worried now and I don't think I'll be using the service again even if I do manage to make it to my destination.
Date:15th August 2014Flight to Vancouver:VancouverComment:was straight forward and easy to use
Date:14th August 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:I am wondering what happens when we get to the airport- Are e met by rep or is there transfer bust to our hotel in Seville ?

Thanking you-
Date:14th August 2014Flight to Frankfurt:FrankfurtComment:As always, GoHop do what they say they will..... find what you are looking for without frills or fuss.
Date:13th August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:This is the first time I have used Gohop and was very happy with the service. Will let you know what the holiday was like
Date:13th August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:easy to use and really good value holidays
Date:13th August 2014Flight to Dublin:DublinComment:Unfortunately my Khartoum-Dublin-Khartoum booking was rejected when I had entered my credit card details.

This caused some anxiety as I had already shared my card details. I then had to phone from West Darfur, Sudan to Dublin to sort it out.

Once I managed to reach Dublin, the GoHop staff person was extremely helpful and reassuring. She sorted me out.

Date:12th August 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:When you move the date you wish to leave on, your website shouldn't move your return date with it. I accidentally booked to travel home a day late because the website moved my return date when I only wanted to move the departure date.
Date:11th August 2014Flight to Beirut:BeirutComment:Easy to use website
Date:11th August 2014Flight to Christchurch:ChristchurchComment:Compared to a lot of the UK search engines I thought it was clearer and easier to use when flying from Ireland
Date:10th August 2014Flight to Las Vegas:Las VegasComment:I got this info from my deaf friend'as I am hard of hearing. But when I went on,I could not believe how good this information was for booking easily and how cheap. It also had a lot of preference of flights and hotels
Thanks very much.
It was excellent
Date:10th August 2014Flight to Toronto:TorontoComment:The online booking was very user friendly. I had a couple of questions so after booking I called one of your agents. She was wonderful. I could not be happier with your company. I want to add that i fly over 120 flights per year and will be using you often. i also have already recommended your site to a colleague and friend who is another serial traveller like myself. Congratulations on a job well done. Regards, David
Date:10th August 2014Flight to Perth:PerthComment:Very friendly and helpful staff, really great experience. I would recommend them to anybody
Date:09th August 2014Flight to Harare:HarareComment:Speedily and clearly got info on flights and comparisons for all airlines.
Date:09th August 2014Flight to Las Vegas:Las VegasComment:The site worked well, I had never heard of gohop before today. Try marketing using social media to expand. I will surely recommend!
Date:07th August 2014Flight to San Diego:San DiegoComment:N/a
Date:07th August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Very easy to use site. Quick call waiting time and Becky was lovely, polite, patient and helpful.
Date:07th August 2014Flight to San Diego:San DiegoComment:The booking process was very simple and there were not hidden charges-the price displayed was what I paid!
Date:07th August 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:Good easy to use website.
Date:06th August 2014Flight to San Diego:San DiegoComment:Great price. Manged the complexity of a complex 5-hop trip with grace
Date:06th August 2014Flight to Palma:PalmaComment:very easy to use and completely served even with organise shuttle transport
Date:05th August 2014Flight to Orlando:OrlandoComment:Very comprehensive and range of options easy to follow.
Date:05th August 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:I have booked with GoHop for the last few years and it is always a quick and easy process and their prices are very competitive. I will continue to use in the future.
Date:04th August 2014Flight to Singapore:SingaporeComment:Very transparent and simply. Price was best around - so no brainer!
Date:04th August 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:I booked my flights with gohop via sky scanner.. The process was very streamlined and easy to navigate. I had no problem booking my flights and will definitely book with then again. They were also the cheapest across all companies for the flights i was booking. This was my first time but surely won't be my last.
Date:02nd August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Very good. Prices very competitive, but photographs of hotels could definitely be improved.
Date:01st August 2014Flight to San Francisco:San FranciscoComment:Excellent service no problem
Date:01st August 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:I am really pleased with the price and the location I got with the holiday package I purchased. I am also happy with how fast it was and all the confirmation emails I received. I like the way you can contact you by phone and always get an answer. The staff are very helpful and I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Date:01st August 2014Flight to Amsterdam:AmsterdamComment:We had no trouble everything has worked out grand so far.
ps touch wood haha.
Date:01st August 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:I booked my fights to Thailand & found the search & booking a very easy process with, I would definitely use them again and recommend them.
Date:31st July 2014Flight to Amman Queen Alia:Amman Queen AliaComment:This is my first time to use Booked flights yesterday.
Booking was initially rejected but when I called I spoke with Fabiola who was most helpful and explained that the rejection was a security measure as I was booking for my wife and kids and as such my payment details and traveler details were different. She sorted me out very efficiently and processed the booking immediately for which I have received confirmation and e-tickets.
Date:30th July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:can you please forward on my booking details via email, received flight details but not hotel details.