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Flights to Canada, Destinations

Cheap flights to Canada

To find a cheap flight to Canada please supply your travel information and click the search button to the left. Alternatively you can call us on +353 1 2412389 to find cheap flights to Canada from Ireland . Canada is surpirisingly enough the second biggest country in teh world and is a great place to go on holiday given the huge variety on offer from vibrant cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec and Toronto to snow covered peaks and scenery that is unrivalled from the amazing Rocky mountains and the alpine towns dotted throughout.  All year round Canada is a great place to visit. Below are some of the best flight prices to Canada in the past 48 hours on

Flights to Canada

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Flight offers to Canada

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The choice of airlines that can get flights to Canada from Ireland include the following.

  • British Airways offers flights to Canada from Dublin via London Heathrow
  • Air Canada have flights to Toronto direct from Ireland.
  • Continental have direct flights via Newark.
  • American airlines offer flights to Toronto via various US gateway cities,
  • Air France have flights to Canada via Paris,
  • Continental have flights to Canada via numerous US Gateway cities,
  • United Airlines offer cheap flights to Toronto via London,
  • US Airways have flights to Canada from Dublin via Philadelphia,
  • Virgin offer flights to Canada from Dublin via London.

If you are thinking of travelling to Canada why not check out our best prices on flights to Montreal, flights to Vancouver, and flights to Toronto.

Destinations in Canada

Customer Feedback

  • Total Feedback:322
  • Excellent Approval Rating:98%
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Fort Myers Regional:Fort Myers RegionalComment:was told my booking had not gone through on weekend night and had to wait until monday morning to find out that it had in fact gone through.First responce to my booking suggested there may have been a limit on my debit card and maybe i should try another type of payment but this did not seem possible on your web site
Suggest they read their own web site,Phone answering has out of date holiday information
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Rome All Airports:Rome All AirportsComment:The website really is foolproof to use,its quick to retrieve all the information you want.The best bit is it really takes the stress out of planning your holidays or trips.I have booked on several occasions with gohop and i never have had any problems with them
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Delhi:DelhiComment:Second time this year booking with and the prices and times are most competitive and suitable - plus , you get to see all the options. Another benefit is the accommodation options listed - we stayed in one in Istanbul in early June (sourced through and the hotel was great, central, clean, comfortable, reasonably priced. So far so great! I am happy to submit feedback - thank you for service to date.
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:Quick and easy to use service.
Date:20th July 2014Flight to Vilnius:VilniusComment:website is pretty good
Date:19th July 2014Flight to San Francisco:San FranciscoComment:Good overall and cheap fares. Just wondering why there's on registration/sign in process, which some people like so that some information and payment details are pre-filled in. Also, I'm not a fan at all about credit card fees. It may generate more business to absorb them yourself so that we would truly get no booking or other charges/fees.
Date:19th July 2014Flight to Prague:PragueComment:I think Go Hop provides a really great service, definitely takes the stress out of booking holidays & offers loads of choice in its options. There entire work ethic seems to be a commitment to help you get the best deal. I'll continue to use Go Hop for all my travel needs.
Date:19th July 2014Flight to Phuket:PhuketComment:Great service, gave good rather than excellent because I had an issue with the website not updating in real time, no biggie, I ended up with better connecting flights , so all good in the end, thanks to the assistance of Becci.
Date:18th July 2014Flight to Perth:PerthComment:I found feefo. Very quick and helpful thank you
Date:18th July 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:Clear website and pricing. Easy to use
Date:17th July 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:Great Holidays for Families with brilliant prices. the only thing i would say to improve this magnificent website, is to let customer know the kg on the adding baggage area. As you can only see this when you actually have it booked. I am extremely happy a friend told me about this website. cant wait to go on our holiday.
Date:16th July 2014Flight to Toronto Pearson International:Toronto Pearson InternationalComment:Booking was straightforward. All relevant information and comparisons were easily accessed. I will definitely be back!!
Date:16th July 2014Flight to Calgary:CalgaryComment:So easy to access go hop site
Date:16th July 2014Flight to Colombo:ColomboComment:The service was excellent and the site was very easy to use.
Date:16th July 2014Flight to Santo Domingo Americas:Santo Domingo AmericasComment:When I made the booking I got an email to say that my reservation was pending. As I'm flying in 2 days I was worried that either the flights weren't available or were going t go up in price as we waited.

I rang the number provided and got a lovely agent, sorry can't remember her name. She explained to me why the flights were pending - they were booked with bosses credit card, not one of the passengers - happy with that, I'd like you to double check if it was my card!

She asked me to hold briefly while she confirmed the travel arrangements and answer all my questions and gave me good advice about applying my straight away for my American visa.

Very happy with the service and the cheapest flight we could find!
Thanks, Susie
Date:15th July 2014Flight to London All Airports:London All AirportsComment:Very easy booking method and brilliant value
Date:15th July 2014Flight to Sydney:SydneyComment:This is 2nd time I booked with them for Sydney and I am very happy!
Date:15th July 2014Flight to Catania:CataniaComment:The service of booking a holiday was good overall but could be improved by the following:

1. Specify how many kgs (15kg or 20kg) applies to the flight luggage - I booked on 2 bags at a cost of approx. 120 euro without knowing what my weight limit was.

2. The site was unclear re my particular hotel booking and if I owed tourist/city tax as an extra to the hotel upon checkout, yet the total cost of the gohop package says inclusive of all taxes. This is confusing and unclear.

Thank you.
Date:15th July 2014Flight to Sydney:SydneyComment:Found better prices here than any other site, & the process was straight forward & fast!
Date:15th July 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:went on a few different websites...and gohop gave me what I was looking for straight away and I booked straight away!! - happy days!
Date:14th July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Had to ring them to confirm booking as payment had not been processed at time of booking. Staff were very helpful.
Date:14th July 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:the t&Cs are a bit wordy and intentionally so, the statement that up to 100% is not refundable without a breakdown of what it actually could be in reality is not reassuring at the outset.
Date:14th July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:I found your service excellent and it was a hazle free way to book a holiday
Date:12th July 2014Flight to Toronto Pearson International:Toronto Pearson InternationalComment:Very straight forward!! Easy to use!!
Date:12th July 2014Flight to Las Vegas:Las VegasComment:I firstly dealt with your agent Fabiola Portolanza. She was extremely helpful and I would recommend her without hesitation. She presented various options to me and took the time to review the flights to get a better price and connections etc. I seceded to book the flights with yourself online only because I could clearly see the range of options and prices. I decided to book the accommodation elsewhere as I found a better room type at the same rate as I was quoted by yourself.
Date:11th July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Slow to upload lists of hotel.
would not let me book holiday insurance.
at the end transfer time was wrong on outward journey but no way to rectify problem without going right back to the beginning.
i got a nice holiday at a reasonable price.
Date:11th July 2014Flight to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau:Montreal Pierre Elliott TrudeauComment:Website easy to use with clear information.
Competitive pricing.
Irish company so glad to be able to support.
Date:11th July 2014Flight to Brussels:BrusselsComment:Easy to book, gives several options, and offers many competitive prices that other sites do not offer
Date:10th July 2014Flight to Hong Kong:Hong KongComment:would have liked you to offering preferred seat preference, Like budgetAir.
Date:09th July 2014Flight to Los Angeles:Los AngelesComment:very good
Date:09th July 2014Flight to New York John F Kennedy:New York John F KennedyComment:Very good service, easy to use website.
Date:09th July 2014Flight to Miami:MiamiComment:I have been using go.hop for my trips to the US which is 3 - 4 times a year and have
always been very happy with them, even last year when I missed my Virgin flight from Miami.
Date:09th July 2014Flight to Dubai:DubaiComment:Easy website
Cheap flight
Many option
Friendly staff on the phone
Free little time waiting for phone answer
Date:09th July 2014Flight to San Diego:San DiegoComment:Great prices, easy website to use!
Date:09th July 2014Flight to Lagos:LagosComment:Very impressed with the way my booking was handled, especially with the way I was lured back to call after mak
Date:08th July 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:Had no problem with the booking. everything was clearly presented and operated smoothly.
Date:06th July 2014Flight to Cancun:CancunComment:Very easy to navigate website. User friendly and made my booking quick and problem free
Date:04th July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:lll
Date:04th July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:I am happy enough with service, thank you
Date:04th July 2014Flight to Detroit Wayne County:Detroit Wayne CountyComment:Quick n easy to use
Date:04th July 2014Flight to Hong Kong:Hong KongComment:easy book easy go ! love the service !
Date:03rd July 2014Flight to Perth:PerthComment:The service was really fast and easy to use with showing me times of flight as well, would definetely reccommend his service cheers
Date:03rd July 2014Flight to Reus:ReusComment:Very good and easy to use
Date:02nd July 2014Flight to New York John F Kennedy:New York John F KennedyComment:so easy and no hidden costs
Date:01st July 2014Flight to Hobart:HobartComment:Been with them before, first class service.
Date:01st July 2014Flight to Chicago O`Hare:Chicago O`HareComment:Very easy to use and found a cheaper deal then other sites :)
Date:01st July 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:Excellent service and also the best deals
Date:01st July 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Iv chosen gohop again because its cheaper than any other with great options and with great value iv olso recommended gohop to friends and family over all im very happy with gohop and will continue to book with ur company thank you and god bless
Date:30th June 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Booked a trip to Portugal over the weekend but because of problems with the Ryanair website the booking failure. Thought I'd missed the great deal deal I got so decided to put in a support ticket to gohop to try and resolve it. Dealt with a guy called Owen (all by email as was a Sunday) and he completed the booking for me. Fast and efficient and I got my great deal so very happy thank you :-)
Date:28th June 2014Flight to Sydney:SydneyComment:Just so easy !!!
Date:28th June 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:It was fine. It wasn't great. I rang one of your agents for help and she advised me that there was no point ringing her as she couldn't beat the online price so I may as well just go online. While gohop wasn't the cheapest of all the other websites that I had priced it didn't charge me any silly little extras and overall that made it the least expensive in the end.
Although I must commend you on not having sneaky little charges like other websites who charge a "payment fee" of roughly €20 and an "administration fee" of about €75.
Date:28th June 2014Flight to Perth:PerthComment:On two occasions I have booked with go hop and have found them both times the cheapest.Regards John (Perth Australia)
Date:28th June 2014Flight to Johannesburg:JohannesburgComment:I dealt with an agent called Cindy, who has absolutely fabulous. She was very friendly and helpful and gave me some good advice. The only thing that I didn't like is that when I booked my flights I could not add the insurance for some reason. I tried everything but couldn't get it to add on. It is not a big deal though because I found other insurance that I like. I will certainly recommend gohop to my friends.
Date:27th June 2014Flight to Chicago All Airports:Chicago All AirportsComment:very efficient and informative. I have never heard of this website before but I will definately use it again.
Date:26th June 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:I found when checking prices for the same venue over a few minutes that they would go up then back down etc. This was quite frustrating as I wasn't sure what the correct price was. I rang through for advice but the agent refused to check individual holidays with me which was strange. However we worked away ourselves and the online booking system was brilliant.
Date:25th June 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Very efficient communication
Date:24th June 2014Flight to Houston:HoustonComment:I rang the office in Dublin before I made the booking to make an enquiry. The lady who answered me was so nice, patient and understanding to my needs. They seem to deal with customers as individuals, which is welcome, they don't make you feel like just a number. The booking itself was quick, easy, and clear. I'm delighted I chose, as they are local, and have always been eager, genuine and helpful on telephone enquiries in the past, to both myself, and to friends. Delighted with the service I received. many Thanks.
Date:24th June 2014Flight to Gran Canaria:Gran CanariaComment:Very good, problem finding transfer bus from airport to hotel.
Date:24th June 2014Flight to Colombo:ColomboComment:Better value than booking direct. I would prefer if it was easier to view day to day differences in flight prices rather than having to manually change the dates.
Date:24th June 2014Flight to Johannesburg:JohannesburgComment:Simple and straightforward.
Date:22nd June 2014Flight to Dublin:DublinComment:Excllent service. Very understanding Gohop team members. An immediate and very satisfactory solution was found when my dilemma was explained.
Date:22nd June 2014Flight to Gran Canaria:Gran CanariaComment:The girl I delt with was lovely her name was orlaith
Ready to print boarding passed now and hopefully il enjoy my holiday
Date:22nd June 2014Flight to Los Angeles:Los AngelesComment:Site is easy to use. Display of flight options is very clear.
Date:21st June 2014Flight to Hanoi:HanoiComment:Best fast booking service and 2 rings to phone and query answered by Real and Coherent, Capable person.
Date:20th June 2014Flight to Saskatoon:SaskatoonComment:Easy to use the website, but was very disappointed that I could not reserve my seats , maybe this could be looked into as I always need a window seat whenever possible.
Date:20th June 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:Thanks to, i found the perfect location, at a price that i could afford. during the booking every thing was so easy, baggage, transfers, and car rental. And to top it all a very friendly voice at the other end of the phone for all my questions. Thanks gohop, catherine
Date:20th June 2014Flight to Dublin:DublinComment:I always book my flights with gohop online. Even when I call the office to ask for any sort of information, I always get help. There's a lady called Bekky and a gentleman by the name of Ben. They are so helpful.
Date:19th June 2014Flight to Faro:FaroComment:I was a little confused when I got my confirmation from Gohop and Aer lingus that the flight rates were different and it was not explained why until I telephoned to find out.
Date:19th June 2014Flight to Dallas Fort Worth:Dallas Fort WorthComment:Great service and very helpful staff
Date:17th June 2014Flight to Palma:PalmaComment:Great experience, so cheap, lovely holiday overall
Date:16th June 2014Flight to Barcelona:BarcelonaComment:I found the gohop site very good to help me choose our holiday, we had no problem carrying out the booking, so far so good
Date:16th June 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:Second time to use go hop and found it easy to use and good value.
Date:16th June 2014Flight to Orlando All Airports:Orlando All AirportsComment:It really was simple, select the holiday we liked the look of, click to continue and away you go (almost literally). We thought we would have to wait until Monday but no, that was all handled minutes later.... superb stuff.
Date:14th June 2014Flight to Orlando All Airports:Orlando All AirportsComment:I found that this site is definitely by far the best price around. Booked both flights and hotel with them so can't wait for my holiday now.
Date:13th June 2014Flight to Philadelphia International:Philadelphia InternationalComment:IT would be good if one could book seats at the same time instead of having to go to the airlines site.
Date:13th June 2014Flight to Bangkok:BangkokComment:Good professional efficient service
Date:13th June 2014Flight to Vancouver:VancouverComment:Good choice of flight options with different airlines. Site easy to navigate and payment process easy.
Date:11th June 2014Flight to Fuerteventura:FuerteventuraComment:Great service ,but i would change the search slightly to allow a search from a location to include an anywhere search ,this would suit people that have a particular time but with nowhere in particular in mind,Nn
Date:10th June 2014Flight to Gran Canaria:Gran CanariaComment:I am more than satisfied with the brilliant service I recently received when booking a holiday with I want to say a special thanks to Fabiola for the professional way she dealt with our booking, are very lucky to have a person with such a fantastic personality as Fabiola has she made our booking an enjoyable experience she was excellent so thanks again to her and regards Myles Taylor.
Date:10th June 2014Flight to Malaga:MalagaComment:I found the site quite easy to use, I do feel that when quoting a price there should be an indication that it does not include certain items such as checked bags, transport from airport etc. I also feel that there should be a link where you can print all of the necessary documents from one file rather than having to go into several sites to do so.
Date:10th June 2014Flight to San Francisco:San FranciscoComment:What would improve the experience is if there were more ways to narrow the number of flights that are returned when trying to find a match for a business trip.
Date:10th June 2014Flight to Philadelphia International:Philadelphia InternationalComment:Staff very helpful.
Web very easy to use.
No apparent hidden charges or unwanted extras.
Date:09th June 2014Flight to San Diego:San DiegoComment:very straightforward web site and good information available, thank you.
Date:08th June 2014Flight to Johannesburg:JohannesburgComment:I spoke to Owen he was so helpful excellent
Date:08th June 2014Flight to Sydney:SydneyComment:Very easy to understand, was quick and had all the information I needed. First time booking tickets with gohop and definitely not my last!
Date:08th June 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:excellent
Date:08th June 2014Flight to Tel Aviv:Tel AvivComment:I always check the site before booking any flight.
I like the fact that the site shows the connection- waiting time.
Also it was the cheapest flight I could find so I was happy to use your site.
Thank you,
Date:07th June 2014Flight to El Paso:El PasoComment:easy to book flights good prices and someone at end of phone if unsure will defently use again
Date:07th June 2014Flight to Reus:ReusComment:this is my second booking with, and I found booking was very easy to follow and straight forward,everything was laid out in a good way and all the information provided was very good. I always tell my family and friends to use Gohop and I will be doing the same again and again.thank you.
Date:07th June 2014Flight to Gran Canaria:Gran CanariaComment:Very good and very easy to use
Date:05th June 2014Flight to Nice:NiceComment:Very eay to use, no hidden charges that show up just when you are about to pay. Prices didn't increase when i viewed the smae holiday over a period of days.
Excellent value for money. Maybe just add section on customers reviews of accomodation.
Date:05th June 2014Flight to Boston:BostonComment:Excellent for sure
Date:05th June 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:easy procedure.
Date:04th June 2014Flight to Dublin:DublinComment:It was efficient, just information should be added that non - Irish residents, will be called in oder to verify the transaction. Getting information " your booking is denied"is rather confusing
Date:04th June 2014Flight to Barbados:BarbadosComment:I think your service is very good I always book my flights with you'd and never had any problems
Date:03rd June 2014Flight to Palma:PalmaComment:All aspects of out holiday went very well i.e.
1. Booking holiday on line was easy once we decided on the hotel.
2. Pick up at airport on time and transported to hotel
3. Return pick up at hotel on time
4 Holiday good value for money
5. The only down side was we were delayed in Palma airport or up to 3 hours due to very poor weather conditions in the area(not Go-Hop fault)
Date:03rd June 2014Flight to San Francisco:San FranciscoComment:very clear informative website and easy to get around, would use again to book flights
Date:03rd June 2014Flight to Sydney:SydneyComment:Easy to navigate and use, quick to book. Great service
Date:03rd June 2014Flight to New York All Airports:New York All AirportsComment:I found booking with you to be a delight, it was easy and the tone of the booking process was friendly and courteous. The booking process was quick and efficient - I have nothing but praise for goHop.

I had just made another booking through a different company which I had found to be just the opposite - I will try never to book with them again and will seek to book with goHop whenever I can.

Well done and thank you!

Sile Mac Neill
Date:03rd June 2014Flight to Algarve:AlgarveComment:Very informative and quick way to book a holiday.