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Customer feedback

  • Total Feedback:544
  • Excellent Approval Rating:97%
Date:23rd October 2014Holiday to Alghero in Italy:ItalyComment:There was an issue with accommodation service and the extortionate amount I was overcharged for services (payable) on arrival. Neither I was informed or aware that the 'extras' were going to be another 50% of the accommodation cost.
gohop advise they were not aware either. That being the case I should have been reimbursed fully back in july. It but a dampener on our 2 week family holiday. I have contacted gohop many times by phone and email. The best I have been offered is €50! Its disgrace the way this matter has been dealt with. I have put another call into gohop today requesing an update. I have booked alot of holidays with gohop over the last 8 years and have brought many other clients to gohop. i can no longer recommend after the way this matter has been poorly dealt with
Date:23rd October 2014Cuba Holidays to Punta Cana in Dominican Rep.:Dominican Rep.Comment:we booked 2 hollidays so far with cindy from gohop.ie,and we keep going...nice one,job well done.
Date:22nd October 2014Holiday to Larnaca in Cyprus:CyprusComment:Connection time on outward flight was impossibly tight in Paris by running all the way and skipping check in we made it to the gate as they called last passengers,the staff at this point were very helpful and understanding and issued boarding passes there and then,we walked on to a full flight to the last 2 remaining seats down the back.
Unfortunately our luggage was not as fast and was left in Paris.
This was flown out the following evening and delivered out to our villa. We have booked several times with Gohop and find them very good but the flight connection time was at their suggestion .Had a great Holiday would not stop me using GoHop again Siobhan Grehan
Date:21st October 2014Holiday to Faro in Portugal:PortugalComment:I found go hop very helpful and the cheapest company around for the holiday we wanted to go on thank you and your teammates for all your help i look forward to booking with ye again in the near future:-)
Date:21st October 2014Holiday to Orlando in United States:United StatesComment:Excellent. Becky did our booking to Florida she was extremely helpful and patient. Definitely book again with GoHop.
Date:19th October 2014Holiday to Fuerteventura in Spain:SpainComment:The actual booking its self was very good, however the apartments were absolute dives and for that reason would never book through Goohop.ie again.
Date:19th October 2014Holiday to San Juan in Puerto Rico:Puerto RicoComment:myself my husband book with yourseflvs every year and we we feel we always extremely delighted with each time, thank you.
Date:18th October 2014Holiday to Orlando in United States:United StatesComment:Phone service initially excellent. Follow up email communication not good as no responses
Date:17th October 2014Holiday to Faro in Portugal:PortugalComment:Excellent service would recommend
Date:17th October 2014Holiday to Barcelona in Spain:SpainComment:Found Becci Franklin very easy to deal with when booking holiday