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Customer feedback

  • Total Feedback:428
  • Excellent Approval Rating:98%
Date:24th April 2014Hotel in Puerto De La Cruz:Puerto De La CruzComment:Site is good, didn't like the way the price went up by 22 euro on the hotel just as I booked and also click to add the bag for 30 Euro but apparently I didn't click update so had to add during check in for 50 euro. Cost me 42 euro more than it should have so not too impressed with that! No pictures of the actual rooms which is a negative also.. kind of important for hotels to put up pictures of the hotel and all rooms by type.
Date:24th April 2014Hotel in Puerto Del Carmen:Puerto Del CarmenComment:excellent
Date:21st April 2014Hotel in Algarve:AlgarveComment:ok
Date:21st April 2014Hotel in Paris:ParisComment:Very easy to use website and good value holiday
Date:21st April 2014Flight to Atlanta:AtlantaComment:quick and easy
Date:19th April 2014Hotel in Lagos:LagosComment:We found the deals to be excellent, at least €100 chearper than travel agents. We were dissapointed with the quality of the website itself. No functions to remember what we had viewed and no place to store favourites which we liked and when we went to find them again, we found ourselves getting impatient and frustrated.
Date:18th April 2014Flight to Rennes St Jacques:Rennes St JacquesComment:I have used Gohop for many years and find it a quick and easy site to navigate when booking online.
Date:17th April 2014Hotel in Puerto Del Carmen:Puerto Del CarmenComment:it was excellent
Date:16th April 2014Hotel in Lanzarote:LanzaroteComment:very good
Date:16th April 2014Flight to Dublin:DublinComment:I have now booked several international tickets using this website. It is so easy to use, but if you do need help, I just phone go.hop.ie and everything is sorted out efficiently. Well done. Mrs Lee Reilly