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Customer feedback

  • Total Feedback:2553
  • Excellent Approval Rating:96%
Date:22nd May 2015Flight to Las VegasComment:First time user and got the best price. Easy to navigate.
Date:22nd May 2015Flight to BangkokComment:I have used Gohop for my long distance travel for years because your web site is fast and informative. When I've needed to call staff were friendly and efficient
Aileen Roantree
Ps your rating buttons above are not easy to use
Date:22nd May 2015Holiday to Cape Town South Africa..Comment:Fast, friendly, efficient service.
Date:22nd May 2015Holiday to New York United States..Comment:Wonder experience the travel rep was so helpful and gave us excellent advice on hotels , tours and flights.
Date:22nd May 2015Hotel in AlgarveComment:when I first tried to book, I didn't know how too. It was on my second attempt I realised I had to put the hotel name in a certain box before it opened up the next section to input all my details. There should be some sort of indication or direction to fill this box with the hotel name. Because if you miss this step it does allow to progress and input your info to finalise your chosen holiday. Just a small detail that had me scratching my head trying to figure out what I was missing, once I put the hotel name in tho everything went smoothly after that.


Date:22nd May 2015Hotel/Flight Booking:lanzarote-lanzaroteComment:Purchased holiday package at advertised price. Transaction not processed. Queried the status of the booking the following day in phone call to GoHop Customer Service Desk to discover the transaction was automatically cancelled as the cost of the flights had increased by €30.00. Products and services should be honoured at the advertised price and/or a clear e-mail or text alert of the cancellation issued. The manner of the implementation of the increased cost made it appear the increase was almost imposed to claw back revenue or margin on the transaction and left a poor impression of an otherwise good service provided. Incidentally, I proceeded with the increase as I had promised the holiday to my daughter who would have been disappointed were it to be cancelled. John Hillery
Date:22nd May 2015Hotel in MontechoroComment:Easy to use and very helpful
Date:21st May 2015Flight Booking:orlandoComment:An excellent web site and service I would definitely encourage people to use this service for price and quality. 5 star site
Date:21st May 2015Hotel/Flight Booking:algarve-faroComment:I liked that i was able to pick up the phone and ask questions to Becky Mon-Sat. ... Also the peace of mind knowing that if we had any issues while we were away on holiday, you were a phone call away. Customer service was helpful and patient
Date:21st May 2015Hotel in Playa Del InglesComment:Everything was clear and is to book on the website.