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Customer feedback

  • Total Feedback:456
  • Excellent Approval Rating:98%
Date:23rd July 2014Hotel in Torremolinos:TorremolinosComment:Excellent. Will use it again ..
Date:22nd July 2014Hotel in Malta:MaltaComment:Very quick and efficient
Date:22nd July 2014Hotel in Torremolinos:TorremolinosComment:I found booking my holiday was so easy with gohop and got a great deal too
Date:22nd July 2014Hotel in Tossa De Mar:Tossa De MarComment:I booked my holiday on the morning of Monday, 21st July and received confirmation, e-ticket, hotel voucher, transfer voucher and airline confirmation by the afternoon. In all, a terrific response to my booking. I haven't used Gohop for a few years but now I would have no hesitation in recommending the website to my friends.
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Fort Myers Regional:Fort Myers RegionalComment:was told my booking had not gone through on weekend night and had to wait until monday morning to find out that it had in fact gone through.First responce to my booking suggested there may have been a limit on my debit card and maybe i should try another type of payment but this did not seem possible on your web site
Suggest they read their own web site,Phone answering has out of date holiday information
Date:21st July 2014Hotel in Tenerife:TenerifeComment:It would be helpful if the message on the email received clarified that the booking was being processed and that this is the reason why confirmation was pending. The current message infers there may be a problem with the credit card payment.
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Rome All Airports:Rome All AirportsComment:The website really is foolproof to use,its quick to retrieve all the information you want.The best bit is it really takes the stress out of planning your holidays or trips.I have booked on several occasions with gohop and i never have had any problems with them
Date:21st July 2014Flight to Delhi:DelhiComment:Second time this year booking with Gohop.ie and the prices and times are most competitive and suitable - plus , you get to see all the options. Another benefit is the accommodation options listed - we stayed in one in Istanbul in early June (sourced through Gohop.ie) and the hotel was great, central, clean, comfortable, reasonably priced. So far so great! I am happy to submit feedback - thank you for service to date.
Date:21st July 2014Hotel in Costa Del Sol:Costa Del SolComment:Quick and easy to use service.
Date:20th July 2014Flight to Vilnius:VilniusComment:website is pretty good