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Egypt Holidays

Shrouded in mythology and laced in history, Egypt is a unique holiday destination. Boasting beautiful beaches, ancient pyramids, and sweeping desserts, Egypt Holidays are one of a kind. 


Why We Love It 


“Egypt is a really incredible destination. The pyramids, beaches, and markets are all amazing. Spend the first half of your holiday sight-seeing and then unwind on at a beach resort for the last few days.”

Orla Tooher, Sales Executive


Things to Do in Egypt 

  • See the pyramids along the Nile. Walk through the Valley of the Kings, wonder at mystery of the Great Sphinx, witness the majesty of the Pyramids of Giza and discover the ancient beauty of Abu Simbel. 
  • Spend some time touring Cairo. Visit the Egyptian Museum to discover the treasures of Tutankhamun, sample some delicious street food – we recommend the ful medames  and explore the pyramids of Sakkara, which are dated older than Giza. 
  • Shop at the souqs. Check out the local markets for all kinds of handicrafts, such as colourful scarfs, embroidered cushion covers, silver jewellery, authentic papyrus and hand-blown glass. 
  • Cruise the Nile. This iconic river can be explored by cruise ship or felucca. Feluccas are ideal for an authentic Egyptian experience while cruise ships are perfect for luxury travel. 


Best Time to Visit 

Mar-May/Sep-Nov: Overall the best time for Egypt holidays, when the weather mild and dry. The weather tends to remain hot and sunny all year round, and temperatures can reach up to 40° from June to August. This can make cities like Cairo unbearably hot, however coastal areas are usually much more pleasant.  

You should bear in mind that since Egypt is a Muslim country it observes Ramadan. So be warned that restaurants may either be closed for the month, or operating on reduced hours. 

Visit Abu Simbel on the 22nd of February or the 22nd of October for the Abu Simbel Festival. Watch as the sunrays travel to the innermost chambers of the temple illuminating the entire inside. 

Take a trip around Moulid an-Nabi – the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday – for an incredible street celebration. Watch Cairo explode into colour, crowds, lights, and noise in honour of the Prophet. This festival follows an Islamic calendar so the dates change every year. 

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