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Madagascar Holidays

One of the most unique countries in the world, Madagascar holidays promise an unforgettable experience. Madagascar boasts a fascinating culture, as well as flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth.


Things to Do in Madagascar

  • Go on safari in Madagascar. See if you can spot a dwarf lemur, an aye aye, or a fossa – imagine a dog crossed with a cat – while wildlife watching.
  • Explore Madagascar’s magnificent national parks. Whether it be photographing the bizarre spiny forests of Sainte Marie and Ifaty, lemur-spotting in Ranomafana, or hiking in Andasible, there is a national park for every preference.
  • Travel the cities. From the bustling capital of Antanarivo to the charming flower-strewn quarters of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar’s cities are brimming with colour.
  • Attend a Famadihana, a traditional Malagasy reburial ceremony. Yes, excavating and reburying the dead might seem strange, however these unusual ceremonies tend to enthral travellers and can have you questioning your core beliefs.


Best Time to Visit

Madagascar weather tends to be warm all year round. Peak months are July and August, also the coolest months with temperatures ranging between 9° and 21°. 

The best time to visit Madagascar is September to November, as the weather is comfortable and dry. This is also a great time for wildlife watching. Cyclone season lasts from January to March making this the least favourable time to visit.

Celebrate the Magasay New Year in March at Alahamady Be. Festivities include two days of local dances and traditional music.

Visit from June to September for the fascinating Famadihana Festival. This “turning of the bones” features ceremonies of Malagasy families unearthing their deceased relatives, and then redressing and reburying their bodies. A strange event, Famadihana is sure to make you question your own relationship with death.

Take a trip in July for Hiragasy, a unique display of music, dance, oratory, and eating and drinking contests performed by competing troupes. 


Why We Love It


“Madagascar is a must-see destination of the Indian Ocean. The extraordinary landscapes, spiny rainforests, and unique wildlife, are all incredible. It's unlike anywhere else on earth”

Jennifer Kearney, Sales Executive

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