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Morocco Holidays

One of Africa’s most diverse countries, Morocco is laced in history and adventure. Morocco holidays are truly enchanting, from its gorgeous beaches, to its labyrinthine cities and Medina markets.


Things to Do in Morocco

  • Spend a day or two touring Marrakech. Between the beautiful Majorelle Garden, the bustling city square of Jemaa el-Fnaa, as well as the colourful markets and souqs, Marrakesh has something for everyone.
  • Take a camel ride across the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. This is particularly enjoyable at sunset. 
  • Explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis. This beautifully preserved hilltop city was once a remote base for the Roman Empire, and is now a collection of 2nd and 3rd Century ruins.
  • Indulge in a massage at a hammam. Morocco is world-famous for its spas and hammams, so why don’t you discover why?


Best Time to Visit

Oct-Apr: Morocco weather can vary depending on season and area, but this would be the best time to visit the lowlands. The weather is reaches about 30ºC in the day, but gets far cooler at night. 

Jun-Sep: This would be the time to visit the coast for some rain-free sunshine. Farther inland can get uncomfortably hot during these months, so travelling from March to June or September to December would be more favourable.

You should note that Morocco is a Muslim country and observes Ramadan. So be warned that restaurants and cafes may either be closed for the month, or operating reduced hours.

Take a trip in June for the Gnaoua World Music Festival. Held in Essaouira, this festival celebrates the music of the Gnaoua – brought to Morocco via the African slave trade. Jazz, rock, blues, and drums, make this a memorable music event. 

Visit Casablanca around July for the Casablanca Festival. An explosion of music, dance, art, workshops, and parades, this festival is renowned as a “celebration of all things Moroccan”.


Why We Love It


“Morocco is such an exotic destination that's still so close to Europe. The beaches in Agadir are great and the markets in Marrakesh are a must-see”

Orla Tooher, Sales Executive



Destinations in Morocco


Destinations in Morocco