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Chengdu Holidays

Chengdu, home to the giant panda, is a city steeped in history and culture. Although home to more than 14 million people, Chengdu has been described as a laid back, tranquil city. 


Things to do in Chengdu:

  • Visit Dujiangyan panda base and help to take care of the native animals. Join a 4-day panda keeper programme, learn more about the animal and live the life of a keeper.
  • Visit the Leshan Giant Buddha on your Chengdu holiday. It is the largest stone seated Maitreya at 233ft high. The saying ‘The mountain is a Buddha; the Buddha is a mountain’ comes from this.
  • Enjoy some Chuan Cuisine, one of the most popular type of cuisines in all of China. Popular for its spicy flavors and varied dishes, Chuan Cuisine must be tried when on a holiday in Chengdu.
  • Wangjiang Tower Park is well known for the beautiful bamboo forest that surrounds it, as well as the gorgeous Wangjiang Tower. It is not only a fine example of Chinese architecture, but also a great place to soak in the surrounding views.


Best time to visit:

Mar-Jun: You'll avoid the highest temperatures and most of the rainfall by travelling in early summer or late spring. Springtime is particularly beautiful as the flowers are coming into bloom. The weather is similarly comfortable between September and November.
Chengdu weather tends to be quite mild and humid all year. Summers have high temperatures, but the main rainy season is between July and August. 

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