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Hangzhou Holidays

People lived in Hangzhou over 8000 years ago, it is one of the seven ancient capital cities. With its beautiful scenery, architecture and history, it is known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’. Hangzhou is a unique holiday destination but is becoming increasingly popular.


Things to do in Hangzhou:

  • Voted as one of the ’12 superb sunset spots around the world’, West Lake will give you an opportunity to get that perfect Hangzhou holiday picture. No matter the weather or time of day West lake is always a thing of beauty. Relax and admire the view by walking, cycling or boat riding around west lake.
  • Visit the quirky Wuzhen Water Town, which is now developed with many shops, accommodation and bars. These historic water towns are very charming and picturesque. A rare attraction that should not be missed on a Hangzhou holiday.
  • Visit Lingyin Temple, one of the most well-known Buddhist temples in China. This temple dates back to almost 1800 years ago. It is home to a huge collection of Buddhist relics, which had a huge influence on Buddhism in Hangzhou.
  • Enjoy the mouthwatering food on offer. This cuisine is known for its light flavors and beautiful presentation.

Best time to visit:

Mar-Jun: Temperatures will be comfortably warm, flowers will be starting to blossom and the rainy season won't have started yet. The busiest months aren't until July and August, so you'll be avoiding peak season too. September to November is similar in terms of weather.
Hangzhou belongs to a subtropical monsoon climate. Travelling in the spring or autumn should mean you'll avoid the most extreme weather conditions. Winter can be quite cold and miserable, whilst summer can be hot and rainy.

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