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Shanghai Holidays

Shanghai is located on the banks of the Yangtze river; it is China’s largest city. It has developed immensely in the last few years and it is now considered one of the most important Financial, Communication and Commercial centers of China. Many tourists are attracted to this city because of the mix of traditional and modern features it possesses.


Things to do in Shanghai:

  • Take a ride on the Shanghai Maglev Train. This is a magnetic levitation train that goes from the airport to the city center. The train reaches speed up to 430km/h and the journey itself is only 8 minutes long. The train ride is 50 yuan which is only €6.98, so not only can you get the best value holiday to Shanghai you can also get a cheap once in a lifetime train journey on the Maglev.
  • Try the soup dumplings or Xiao long bao, this dish is to Shanghai what stew is to Ireland. 
  • Strolling along the Bund is something you cannot miss while on holiday in Shanghai. The Bund is a waterfront area in central Shanghai. A boat or Ferry cruise is also available; this is the recommended method of exploring the Bund.
  • While you’re nearby pay a visit to the Yuyuan Garden. This is the only surviving Ming Dynasty garden in Shanghai. The Yuyuan garden is beautifully decorated with bright colors and dragons making this attraction a highlight for many tourists.
  • If you’re a thrill seeker, a visit to Happy Valley on your Shanghai holiday is a must. The theme park is home to three different popular thrill rides; Fireball, Dive Machine and Mega Lite. Other rides can rise up to 15 stories, while the drop-coaster can fall 60 meters.
  • Go shopping on the famous Nanjing road, which is home to many retailers from all over the world. Treat yourself to something nice and admire the beautiful architecture.

Best time to visit:

Mar-May: The weather tends to be warm and comfortable, but the peak season of the summer hasn't quite hit yet. Prices can be cheaper too, so it can often be the best time of year to visit.
If you want the hottest weather, we'd recommend travelling between July and August. Temperatures during this time of year have been known to sit above 35°C for days on end. 
Shanghai has 4 main seasons; A warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a cool autumn and an overcast cold winter. Unfortunately, due to Shanghai’s location it can rain for roughly a third of the year.

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