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Pattaya Holidays

Lying along the coast south of Bangkok, Pattaya is one of Thailand’s top beach resorts. Boasting a buzzing nightlife and world-famous cabaret, you’re sure to be entertained on your holidays to Pattaya.


Things to Do in Pattaya

  • 500 metres of neon bars, pumping music, food venders and street performers, Walking Street is a must-see on any Pattaya holidays.
  • Art in Paradise is a museum that plays with 3D and perspective to make the artwork come alive. Take some selfies flying a magic carpet or swimming with dolphins at this marvellous museum – kids will love it!
  • Flight of the Gibbon is 3km of zip line running through the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary, this is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Extravagant glamour and elaborate costumes, Pattaya’s cabaret shows feature a large cast of ladyboys. If you want to see a “ladyboy show” without any sleaze, this is for you. Many of these shows are even family-friendly.


Best Time to Visit 

Nov-Feb: Probably the best time to visit Pattaya, as the weather is cooler and dry. This is however also peak season so you will have to share the beaches and bars.

Pattaya is hot all year, with average temperatures lingering between 25°C and 30°C. Hot season runs from March to May, while rainy season lasts from May to November. 

Check out the Pattaya Music Festival in March. Three stages, over 100 Thai and international acts, and free admission – what’s not to love?

Ring in the Buddhist New Year in April at the Songkran and Wan Lai Festival. Join in with the festivities as the whole city erupts into a mass-scale water fight. Be sure to pack your camera and phone in plastic bags!

Why We Love It 

Jodie“Pattaya is the perfect beach break after a holiday in Bangkok. I loved touring the Sanctuary of Truth, the architecture and design is fabulous.” 

Jodie Geoghegan, Sales Executive

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