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Manila Holidays

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, it is the center of business and education. Manila has been considered just a stopover destination by many travelers. However, the capital city is rapidly becoming more popular due to its amazing history and experiences it has to offer.



Things to do in Manila:

  • Visit the colonial Spanish town of Intramuros. With Spanish influenced architecture, you almost forget that you are on an Asian holiday. Take a guided tour around Intramuros to see the main sites this attraction has to offer.
  • Stimulate you senses in Binondo, the world’s first Chinatown. Enjoy the beautiful cuisine and the general hustle and bustle of the area. Binondo is a must see attraction on a Manila holiday.
  • Get that perfect Manila holiday picture at Manila bay waterfront. Treat yourself to an ice cream from the many carts on offer and watch the sun set over the bay. Many tourists love this attraction purely for the atmosphere and beautiful scenery.
  • Take part in a sing off in the popular karaoke booths of Manila. This holiday destination is full of talented singers, show your skills or lack of skills off to the crowds.
  • Take the journey to Tagaytay, just slightly outside of Manila, and see the world’s smallest active volcano. The journey to the top takes less than 1 hour and the views are said to be spectacular. 

Best time to visit:

Jan–Mar: There is less rain at this time of year and temperatures are more convenient for spending time outdoors.
It is not recommended to travel to Manila during the period of July-October as the chances of a typhoon hitting are at its peak during this time. Many tourists are advised not to go to Manila during the month of May as the intense heat can make your stay unpleasant. 
Although it is not compulsory to receive vaccinations before going to Manila, there are some common tropical illnesses during the wet and dry seasons. Our immune systems would not be used to these germs. Therefore, it is advised to get the necessary immunizations.

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