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Hanoi Holidays

Lined with ancient temples, colonial buildings and cement tower blocks, Hanoi is Vietnam’s bustling capital. From its street markets to it charming cafes, Hanoi holidays have something for everyone.


Things to do in Hanoi

  • Get lost in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Lined with colonial buildings and street-side workshops, the Old Quarter is also the location of the Weekend Night Market, where you’re sure to find all kinds of trinkets. 
  • Take in some water puppet theatre. An ancient art dating back to the 11th century, a water puppet show is truly an unforgettable experience. 
  • Go for a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake. The “Lake of the Restored Sword” is laced in legend and inhabited by at least one endangered soft-shell turtle – It’s also undeniably scenic.
  • Take a trip to Halong Bay. Emerald waters, tiny limestone islands, the “Land Where the Dragon Descends” is not just a fairy tale.


Best Time to Visit

Mar-May: This would be the best time to make the most of the weather, although Oct/Nov would be quite similar. Summers in Hanoi are hot, humid and rainy, while winters tend to be dry and can get very cold at night.

Ring in the Vietnamese New Year and celebrate Tet like a local. Fireworks, lanterns and parades, flood the capital’s streets with colour and noise – a spectacular sight.


Why We Love It

Jennifer"Hanoi is very beautiful for such a vast city. There are so many historic sights to see, my favourites would be the Temple of Literature and the Perfume Pagoda. They're both very pretty so be sure to bring a camera".

Jennifer Kearney, Sales Executive

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