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Lagos Holidays

Lagos is a popular laid back town located in the Algarve. Many people travel here for the good surfing conditions, relaxed beaches and beautiful marina. Lovers of architecture will enjoy the old towns 16th century walls and Arab-built castle, this holiday resort is full of history and culture.


Things to do in Lagos:

  • Go on a kayaking and snorkeling trip during your holiday in Lagos. Paddle out into the Atlantic Ocean and admire the breathtaking scenery around you. Discover ancient caves and admire the vibrant marine life.
  • A family holiday in the Algarve is not complete without a trip to Lagos Zoo. This is a great day out for all the family no matter the age.
  • The Algarve west coast offers some of the best water sports conditions in the world. Many wakeboarders and surfers come to Lagos to catch the best waves. Why not try your hand at surfing on your Lagos holiday?


Best time to visit:

The Algarve has one of the most stable climates in the world. Temperatures during the summer months can reach as high as 30 degrees but coastal breezes provide relief from this intense heat.
During Spring and Autumn temperatures in Lagos average at roughly 17-19 degrees and sunshine is in abundance. The majority of the summer crowd has left at this stage and flight and hotel prices will have dropped. However, rainfall is more frequent at this time of year when compared to the summer months.
Winter in the Algarve is very mild, temperatures remain comfortable at 15 degrees. However, this season is not very popular with tourists as this is the rainy season. Storms are a lot more common at this time of year.

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