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Calas De Mallorca

Calas De Mallorca Holidays

Calas de Mallorca is located on the southeast coast of M ajorca. It is a purpose built resort that has been around since the sixties. This holiday destination knows a thing or two about family holidays as there are many attractions suitable for all ages


Things to do in Calas de Mallorca: 

  • Drive to the nearby town of Felanitx and take part in the celebrations of Sant Agusti Festival on your Calas de Mallorca holiday. This is a weeklong festival with marching bands, dancers and colorful firework displays. 
  • Enjoy a night out at the Jupiter disco bar. Happy hour is from 7pm to midnight and you can own the dancefloor until 5am. It is always a great night out at the Jupiter disco bar. 
  • Unwind on the beaches of Calas de Mallorca, Cala Domingo beach is the place to be for beach bars and sun loungers. However, this beach can get busy. If you would prefer some peace and quiet Cala Domingo Petit and Cala Antena coves are in walking distance. 


Best time to visit: 

May-Jun: It's often a good idea to avoid the later summer months as they can be busier and more expensive. Apart from the fact it's easier to find a spot on the beach, Calas de Mallorca is just that bit more relaxed at this time of year.
If you do want to enjoy the hottest weather, the average temperature during July and August is 25°C, and can often get higher. Rainfall is almost non-existent at this time of year. This is the peak season though, so expect a lot more people. 

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