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August Holiday Deals

Offers for cheap August holiday deals from Ireland to top destinations all over the world. If you want the warmest temperatures and the liveliest resorts, then August is the month to book your holiday. Our August holiday offers could have you sipping a cocktail on the beach in Malta or enjoying the warm evenings in Lanzarote. 

Temperatures in many popular summer destinations will be at their hottest, so booking one of our August holiday deals mean you’ll get as much sun as possible. Temperatures in many places will be going over 25/30°C, making it perfect for those looking for the most heat. 

August holiday deals are for the busiest month of the summer, and the nightlife in destinations like Ibiza and Majorca will be even livelier than the rest of the year. The weather in many of these resorts are warm throughout the summer, so check our July holiday deals or September holidays

It also can be ideal for family holidays, as exams results are often given during August. If someone in your family is awaiting results, our August holiday deals can be a great way to unwind during that stressful time.