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Amazing Peru 17 Days

Amazing Peru 17 Days

Welcome to your Amazing Peru adventure. This trip includes visits to some o Peru’s most beautiful cities as well as excursions to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, making it fascinating for anyone looking to explore Peru’s unique culture. 

About Peru

A collage of Incan monuments, smouldering volcanoes, sublime cuisine, quaint Andean markets, and a vividly colourful culture, Peru truly is a land of abundance just waiting to be explored.

Peru has long captivated travellers with its mountainous landscape, fascinating Inca heritage, vibrant culture, and warm, welcoming people. Peru’s dynamic culture is due to the country’s largely mestizo (mixed race) population of Spanish and Indian descent.

Renowned as a culinary hotspot, Peruvian cuisine shows influences of Spanish, indigenous, African and Asian palettes. Peruvian cooking is a delectable fusion of flavours that should be sampled by any food-lover, and with eateries ranging from street side merchants to gourmet restaurants, there is delicious dining to suit all budgets.

Much of Peru’s eastern land is covered by the glorious Amazon rainforest. A venture into the Tambopata Reserve is ideal for any nature-lover. Here you can explore the jungle paths, track wildlife, and watch multi-coloured parrots soar through the trees. Peru’s rainforest is home to isolated tribal communities as well as jaguars, sloths, tapirs, giant river otters, giant anteaters, both black and white caimans, thirteen species of monkeys, and a rainbow-coloured collection of birdlife. Dwelling in the waters of the immense Amazon River are the wonderfully charismatic pink dolphins.

On the Pacific coast rests the Peruvian capital Lima. Packed with colonial architecture, Spanish churches, glittering skyscrapers, palm trees, gourmet restaurants and a hectic nightlife, Lima is a delight for all the senses.

South of Lima lie the Nazca desert lines. Declared a UNESCO in 1994, these enigmatic, immense animal designs carved into the desert plains hundreds of years ago are sure to enthral any traveller.

East of the desert lines and straddling the border with Bolivia is the mystic Lake Titicaca. Floating atop the lake’s sapphire waters are the Uros islands. These man-made islands constructed out of reeds, are home to the fascinatingUros tribe, descendants of a culture that pre-dates the Inca civilisation.

Head north of this colossal lake, to the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco. This stunning mountain city is packed full of architectural wonders from ancient Inca ruins to colonial cathedrals, and is the perfect starting point for your venture towards the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu.

The lost city of Machu Picchu is an ancient citadel of the Inca Empire. Due to both its natural and cultural marvels it was made a UNESCO mixed heritage site in 1983. A vast array of mysterious granite temples nesting atop a secluded mountain and surrounded by dense jungle, Machu Picchu is a true wonder to behold.

From the Amazon rainforest in the east, across the Andean mountains, to the desert coast, Peru is land bursting with colourful nature, curious culture and limitless adventure. 

Holiday Highlights

Lima – Nazca – Ballestas – Cuzco – Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu – Arequipa and Colca Canyon – Lima 

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