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Aruba Honeymoons

Aruba Honeymoon

Aruba is a popular honeymoon destination, known for its white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, warm turquoise waters and world class accommodation. As a nation Aruba has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world, therefore many different cultural influences can be seen throughout the island. 

Why Aruba Honeymoons?

Get some luxury from your Aruba honeymoon and stay in your choice of 5-star resorts. This island is home to many beach resorts that offer authentic Caribbean hospitality, you won't have to lift a finger! Relax under swaying palm trees, watch the sunset or have a romantic night under the starry skies, romance is around every corner in Aruba.

Things For Couples To Do

  • Visit Arikok National Park and admire the breath-taking landscapes. This is a great place to spend the whole day roaming through the 7907 acres.
  • Enjoy a thrilling ATV tour together through the wild side of Aruba, where you will see rolling dunes and unique rock formations. Learn about the history and culture of the area from local guides.
  • A Hooiberg hike is a great way to spend an afternoon on your Aruba Honeymoon. This 165m high volcanic formation, can be seen from almost anywhere on the island as is located in the centre of Aruba.
  • Eagle beach is the closest you will ever get to paradise. Relax on the white sand of this pristine beach or take a dip in the crystal clear turquoise water, so clear you can see fish swimming around your ankles!
  • Aruba also boasts some of the best wreck diving in the Caribbean, just off the Leeward Coast there are two WWII ship wrecks waiting to be explored.
  • Why not combine the tranquil Aruba with the hustle and bustle of New York City and get the best of both worlds from your honeymoon?

Best Time To Visit

April-Aug: A great time for an Aruba honeymoon, with cheaper hotel rates in the low season. Temperatures can still be up to 26 degrees, rain is rare and the high winds provide some relief from the heat.

Jan-Feb: The best time to visit if you want to see Carnival during your Aruba honeymoon. This is Aruba’s biggest party of the year. It is a month long celebration consisting of festive street parties, spectacular parades, and musical events. Dazzling costumes and music play a central role in the celebrations. Temperatures are usually in the early 20’s at this time of year. It is advised to book your accommodation well in advance as hotel rates will be high during Carnival.

Aruba is blessed with clear skies, bright sunshine and cooling trade winds practically every day of the year. Except for some brief showers on some days which are very welcomed by the local flora and fauna, the sun does indeed always shine making Aruba an all year round destination.

Why We Love Aruba Honeymoons

“Aruba is a paradise island, the weather, the people and the white sandy beaches make it one of my favourite holiday destinations. I love the laid back Caribbean way of life and of course the food is to die for!”

Celine Rooney, Senior Travel Consultant


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