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Bahamas Honeymoons

Bahamas Honeymoon

Made up of 700 islands coated with pristine beaches, the Bahamas are the very definition of paradise. Explore some of its many hidden gems, or choose to simply relax in a luxurious resort, the choice is yours on a Bahamas honeymoon.

Why Bahamas Honeymoons?

It’s no secret that the Bahamas are home to exquisite beaches and resorts, and during the high season the most popular spots get quite busy. What makes the Bahamas different to other sun destinations, is the vast majority of its islands are uninhabited, so you’re never far away from your own private paradise.

Things For Couples To Do

  • There are no shortage of beaches, but if you want something a bit more private on your Bahamas honeymoon, Gold Rock Beach is wonderfully secluded. Part of Lucayan National Park, this stunning place was also used in the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  • The Bimini islands are a deep-sea diver’s gem said to once be home of the lost city of Atlantis. An underground formation of rocks known as the “Bimini road” has inspired several documentaries.
  • Blue Lagoon Island offers the chance to swim with dolphins in their natural environment. These friendly creatures are very comfortable around people, and it’s a chance to get some fantastic honeymoon photos.
  • Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island, or Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama are options that don’t involve getting your feet wet. Either place are ideal for a relaxing stroll, as you take in both natural and man-made wonders.

Best Time To Visit

May to November: The weather in the Bahamas is warm all year, and there aren’t any particularly bad times of year to visit. That said, this is the low season, so prices are cheaper and the beaches much more peaceful for your Bahamas honeymoon.

Independence Week in the Bahamas is in July, with street performances of the traditional Junkanoo, as well as live concerts and carnivals. The biggest celebrations are at the end of the week, and hotspots like Nassau are thronged with people.

Why We Love Bahamas Honeymoons

“The Bahamas are synonymous with paradise, and I can totally understand why. The brightly coloured houses, beaches beyond your wildest dreams and the amazing nightlife are part of what stand out for me. What makes it so great for honeymoons is that there is always another island to explore that is more beautiful than the last.”

Celine Rooney Senior Travel Consultant


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