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Borneo Honeymoons

Borneo Honeymoon

Amazing wildlife, breath taking scenery and friendly locals are just some of the highlights a Borneo honeymoon has to offer. Boasting a 140-million-year-old rainforest, this country is steeped in an incredible history.

Why Borneo Honeymoons?

Couples who choose a Borneo honeymoon get to chance to see endangered orangutans in their natural habitat, explore the famous Mulu Caves and visit the stunning Kakaban Island. This country is home to around 222 mammals, 44 of which are endemic to Borneo, giving wildlife lovers the chance to see a diverse animal kingdom.

Things For Couples To Do

  • The Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sibu is an icon of the town and dates back to the 1870's. The building is considered miraculous by the locals, as the town of Sibu was destroyed by a fire in the 1920’s, but the temple was unscathed.
  • Spend a day at Tanjung National Park and witness the fascinating wildlife. This wonderful park is home to the native orangutans, gibbons, macaque's and so much more.
  • The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is a favourite attraction amongst many tourists. This famous centre takes in orphaned and injured orangutans and cares for them before returning them to the wild.
  • Get the perfect Borneo honeymoon picture at Kinabalu Park, while you have Mount Kinabalu as a backdrop. This is Borneo's highest mountain which formed about 10 million years ago, making it a relatively young mountain.

Best Time To Visit

May – September: very popular time to visit, and a good time to see orangutans and whale sharks in the wild on your Borneo honeymoon.

Borneo tends to benefit from warm temperatures year-round averaging between 27-32 degrees. However, there is also humidity of around 80% for the majority of the year. Weather conditions are complicated throughout Borneo; all tropical island climates are unpredictable.

Generally speaking, January and December can see higher rainfall. It is possible to travel, but conditions are not favourable for wildlife as many animals hide in the dense jungle.

Why We Love Borneo Honeymoons


“No matter how well travelled you are, you won’t have been anywhere quite like Borneo, it is truly beautiful. My favourite spot is the Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort – they have their own orangutan sanctuary on site! I advise getting off the beaten track a bit and visiting the real Borneo on an escorted tour, then end with a nice beach break for some pure relaxation. I will definitely visit Borneo again.”

Jennifer Kearney, Sales Executive


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