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California Honeymoons

California Honeymoon

Resting along the west coast of America and bordered the Pacific Ocean, California is one of the USA’s coolest honeymoon destinations.

Why California Honeymoons?

Couples choose a California honeymoon for a laid-back beach destination with serious style. Sun-kissed beaches, iconic cities, delicious cooking, and one of the world’s most dazzling coastlines, make the Golden State one of America’s most covetable destinations.

Things for Couples To Do

  • Spend a few days in San Francisco. Tour the city in one of its classic cable cars, roam the chilling corridors of Alcatraz, browse through the vintage markets, and take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.  

  • Get outdoors. Whether it be trekking through the lush valleys of Yosemite National Park, touring the vast vineyards of Napa, or surfing the state’s famous waves, California’s natural beauty needs to be explored and experienced.

  • Why not spoil yourselves by adding a stopover in Las Vegas or Cancun? They’re both fabulous destinations that combine wonderfully with a California honeymoon.

Best Time to Visit

California has a semi-tropical climate in the south and a milder climate in the north. So you should try to time your California honeymoon just right.

California weather tends to remain warm all year round in coastal regions, particularly in the south, with an average temperature of around 17°. In mountainous areas, however, temperatures are far cooler. 

Overall, the best time to honeymoon in California would be from April to October, as winter and spring can be very rainy. However, you should note that accommodation can be more expensive in July and August. 

The Kinetic Grand Championship takes place along the north coast in May. This “triathlon of the art world” sees contestants race their outlandish people-powered vehicles roughly 48 kilometres from the town of Arcata to the hamlet of Ferndale – a brilliantly bizarre spectacle. 

Why We Love California Honeymoons


“I really love California. San Francisco is a must-see; the architecture, the cable cars, the restaurants; it's incredible. Be sure to book Alcatraz well in advance, it's not the most romantic but it's definitely worth doing.”

Orla Tooher, Sales Executive


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