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Cancun Honeymoons

Cancun Honeymoon

One of Mexico’s best luxury honeymoon destinations, Cancun is a paradise of lavish resorts resting along the Caribbean coast.

Why Cancun Honeymoons?

It may be famous for its tropical beaches, yet a honeymoon in Cancun offers more than just sun-soaked sands. While the beaches are fabulous, Cancun also boasts a bustling town area, crumbling Mayan ruins, and a wild nightlife.

Things for Couples To Do

  • Take a trip into the city. Shop for handicrafts at Market 23 and Market 28 and have lunch in an authentic Mexican restaurant.
  • Explore El Rey ruins. These ancient Mayan ruins date back to the 10th Century and are a favoured spot for sunbathing giant iguanas.
  • Considering adding a stopover in an American city? New York and Las Vegas blend perfectly with a Cancun honeymoon.

Best Time to Visit

Cancun weather tends to be hot all year round, with average daily temperatures lingering between 24° and 29°.

Apr-May:  The weather is gorgeous and there are fewer crowds for a more peaceful Cancun honeymoon. Although any time during the dry season, which runs from November to May, is generally a good time to honeymoon in Cancun.

Carnival in Cancun takes place the week before Ash Wednesday and is a truly spectacular event. Watch the city streets launch into an explosion of colour, costumes, music and dancing. 

Why We Love Cancun Honeymoons

“Cancun is one of my favourite honeymoon destinations. It's perfect for honeymoon couples looking for a few wild nights, some lazy lie-ins, and top class luxury. All inclusive is the only way to go!”

Celine Rooney, Sales Executive


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