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Hawaii Honeymoons

Hawaii Honeymoon

Adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is one of America’s most charming honeymoon destinations. Boasting natural beauty and a captivating culture, a Hawaii honeymoon is always magical.

Why Hawaii Honeymoons?

Newlyweds choose to honeymoon in Hawaii for the tropical beaches, awe-inspiring scenery, chilled-out culture, and delicious cuisine. Any Hawaii holiday is sure to be loaded with palm trees, cocktails and unforgettable memories. 

Things for Couples To Do

  • Attend an authentic luau. Hula performers, fire dancers, pina coladas, and mouth-watering cooking – What's not to love? Our top luaus are Paradise Cove on Oahu and Smith's on Kauai.

  • Visit an active volcano at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Big Island. See steam vents, walk through an ancient lava tube, and watch as the crimson lava sets the evening sky aglow.

  • To make the long haul flight easier on yourselves, why not plan a stopover in California ?

Best Time to Visit

Hawaii weather tends to remain hot all year round with average temperatures ranging between 23° and 27°.

Apr-May: The weather is warm and usually dry, and these months fall outside peak season so you can have a more peaceful Hawaii honeymoon. It is best to avoid Christmas time if you have a strict budget as it can be an expensive time to visit.

In early November, Big Island host's the Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival. This festival attracts competitors from all over the world engaging in Hawaii's most iconic dance. Vendors also set up crafts markets and workshops so you can even hula yourselves.

Why We Love Hawaii Honeymoons


“Hawaii is an absolute paradise. My two favourite islands are Maui and Kauai. Maui is great for honeymoon couples, the beaches are amazing and when I was there I even cycled down a volcano – it was unbelievable!”


Jennifer Kearney, Sales Executive


Hawaii Honeymoon Packages