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India Honeymoons

India Honeymoon

Whether you’re trying to spot a Bengal tiger in the Safari parks or enjoying a boat ride down the Ganges together. A honeymoon in India is an extraordinary experience. 

Why India Honeymoons?

Many couples honeymoon in India to experience something different. It is one of the most colourfully chaotic and diverse places in the world. The culture shock can be a bit intense at first buy you quickly come to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the country. India is home to many beautiful beaches overlooking the Indian ocean, stunning architecture and fascinating wildlife, who wouldn’t want to honeymoon here?

Things for couples to do:

  • Enjoy some romance on your Indian Honeymoon with a sunrise or sunset boat ride along the Ganges. Witness thousands of Indians bathing in the river and performing religious rituals.
  • Seize the rare opportunity to go on a camel safari and camp out under the stars in the Rajasthan desert.
  • Get a behind the scenes experience of a Bollywood movie set during your honeymoon in India. See how they create the scenes, choreograph dance numbers and maybe even meet some of the stars.
  • Don’t forget about one of the world’s most famous monuments; the Taj Mahal. A visit to the marble mausoleum is one of many unforgettable memories newlyweds make while honeymooning in India.
  • Explore the streets of Old Delhi together and enjoy the mouth-watering street food.


Best time to visit:

April, May and June are the driest and hottest months of the year. Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees and more. Although this makes seeing wildlife on safari a lot easier as they are usually gathered around a water source, these temperatures are unbearable for many tourists.
There is a vast amount of people who insist that between October – February is the best time to visit. Temperatures aren’t as intense, humidity is lower and rainfall is rare.
Avoid visiting India from July – September as this is monsoon season.

Why We Love India Honeymoons:

“Start your love affair with India by going there on your honeymoon. See iconic sights in Northern India and admire the fascintating wildlife, local culture and relax on Goa's world renowned beaches. I would advise putting your feet  up and cruising the Keralan backwaters in southern India . What a way to start married life together !”

Joanne McCabe, Sales Executive


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