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Kenya Honeymoons

Kenya Honeymoon

Resting on the east coast of Africa and bordered by the Indian Ocean, Kenya is one of our favourite safari honeymoon destinations. 

Why Kenya Honeymoons?

World-renowned for its safari, a Kenya honeymoon also offers palm-fringed beaches, inspiring scenery, top-class luxury, and a colourful Maasai culture. This is quintessential Africa at its best.

Things for Couples To Do

  • Spot iconic wildlife while on safari. Recently voted the world’s leading safari destination, Kenya is home to an abundant wildlife, including lions, rhino, elephants, and wildebeest.

  • Visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Discover stretching savannahs, see iconic wildlife and meet colourfully-clad members of the Maasai Tribe. This is the classic Africa at its most picturesque.

  • Thinking of making your Kenya extra special? Why not also take in the Seychelles, one of our top island getaways? 

Best Time to Visit

Kenya has a subtropical, arid climate, with rainy and dry seasons so it’s important to time your Kenya honeymoon just right.

Jul-Oct: The weather is cooler and dry at this time of year and it is the best time for game viewing on your Kenya honeymoon as the days are clearer.

Jan-Feb: Also good months for a safari honeymoon, as the weather is better suited to tracking wildlife.

Jamhuri Day takes place every 12th of December. This festival celebrates Kenya’s independence through feasts, speeches, parades, music and dance – it is a true spectacle. 

Why We Love Kenya Honeymoons

Andre Migliarina

“Kenya is amazing. I would really recommend it for a safari honeymoon. The wildlife is incredible and the scenery is just so beautiful. There are also plenty of beaches and luxury safari lodges so you can still treat yourselves.”

Paula Mullins, Sales Executive


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