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Mauritius Honeymoons

Mauritius Honeymoon

Known for its beautiful beaches and lagoons, the volcanic island of Mauritius has everything you need to create the perfect honeymoon. Île aux Aigrettes Island is a favourite attraction among tourists as it is home to the beautiful pink pigeon and the rare Giant Tortoise.

Why Mauritius Honeymoons?

Laze on the tropical beaches, go for a swim in the turquoise blue water that surrounds the island or admire the fascinating wildlife. Stay in some of the islands best resorts and receive luxury like no other. The hospitality in Mauritius is world renowned.

Things For Couples To Do

  • Black River Gorges National Park is an extremely important park which is home to three of the most endangered bird species and many rare plant species.
  • Swim with wild dolphins or go whale watching while on your Mauritius honeymoon. Witnessing enormous humpback whales in their natural environment will leave you speechless, it can be an emotional experience for many.
  • You can hike Le Morne Brabant to admire the incredible views of the island. This area was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 and has a fascinating history.
  • The Crocodile and Giant Tortoises Park must be added to your Mauritius honeymoon itinerary. This park is home to 1000 tortoises and 2000 crocodiles, among other animals.
  • The stunning Tamarind Falls are incredibly beautiful, and the journey to the falls is one of Mauritius' most popular hiking trails.
  • Port Louis is the bustling capital of Mauritius. Stroll through the popular markets or take a city tour and learn about the capitals fascinating history.

Best Time To Visit

Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate, its weather is warm and pleasant the whole year long. This makes it an all year round honeymoon destination, the best time to visit depends on your preference.

The summer months occur from November - April, the temperature is roughly 27 degrees on the coast and 22 degrees inland at this time of year. This is the ideal time for a beach holiday as the you can escape the heat by going for a dip in the turquoise blue waters.

May - October are considered the winter months but temperatures can still be as high as 22 degrees on the coast and 19 degrees inland. This is a great time for sightseeing as the temperature and humidity is lower. Many people like to go on a Mauritius honeymoon at this time of year as the island sees less tourism, so hotel rates are reduced.

Why We Love Mauritius Honeymoons


“Mauritius is probably my favourite destination. From luxurious resorts to great budget 3 and 4 star hotels, there is something for everyone. The people are among the nicest I have ever come across and service is outstanding. Top tip – go all-inclusive as meals and drinks can be quite expensive so better to have it all included before you go.”

Jennifer Kearney, Sales Executive


Mauritius Honeymoon Packages