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South Africa Honeymoons

South Africa Honeymoon

A safari honeymoon in South Africa is an experience of a lifetime. Located on the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is one of our favourite honeymoon destinations. 

Why South Africa Honeymoons?

Few places offer the adventure of South Africa. Whether you want to photograph inspiring scenery, get lost in dizzying metropolises, come face to with iconic wildlife, or simply laze on golden beaches, a South Africa honeymoon is always amazing. 

Things for Couples To Do

  • Track the Big Five as part of a South Africa safari honeymoon. Home to lions, elephants, rhino, cheetahs, and buffalo, South Africa boasts some of the best game reserves in the world, many fitted with luxury accommodation. 
  • Explore Cape Town. Trek the picturesque Table Mountain, visit the penguin-inhabited Boulder Beach, and tour the historic Robben Island. At night, head out and discover South Africa’s delicious cuisine, world-famous wine and lively nightlife.
  • Want to include some time on a tropical island? Why not take in Mauritius, this destination combines seamlessly with a South Africa honeymoon. 

Best Time to Visit

Nov-Mar: This is the best time to see the Western Cape and Cape Town on your South Africa honeymoon. The diverse South African weather means conditions might be completely different elsewhere.  

Aug-October: Best time for tracking game on making a safari honeymoon. Be warned, it can get very hot from September to October.

Freedom Day falls on the 27th April. Commemorating the anniversary of South Africa’s democracy, the celebrations involve military flyovers, parades, costumes, music and dancing. 

Why We Love South Africa Honeymoons


“South Africa is an incredible honeymoon destination with so much on offer. Cape Town is an extraordinary city, while Kruger is ideal for a luxury safari. If you follow the Garden Route between these two destinations, you're sure to witness some amazing scenery.”

Paula Mullins, Sales Executive


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