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Honeymoon Ideas

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Everyone wants to start their new, married life together with an unforgettable honeymoon. We understand that every couple has different needs and no 2  honeymoon packages are the same.

Because your honeymoon will most likely be the most memorable and most expensive trip of your life, it’s often hard for couples to decide which honeymoon destination is right for them. So we’ve asked our honeymoon specialists to lend you a helping hand.

Check out each of our honeymoon experts' unique 2019 honeymoon ideas, then browse our honeymoon packages to find your ideal destination.

1. Go On Safari In South Africa

south africa

Andre, our Africa honeymoon specialist, says a safari belongs on every travel bucket list, and since it's your honeymoon, you'll have the perfect excuse to indulge in luxury accommodation. With lions, cheetahs, elephants, and rhino to be seen, why not consider a safari honeymoon?

I was recently in South Africa with my wife and we both loved it. The scenery, the food, the wine and the wildlife are all incredible. The Eastern Cape boasts some of the best game reserves and is perfect for a romantic luxury safari.

Paula Mullins

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2. Learn How To Salsa Dance In Cuba

Salsa Dance In Cuba

Our Cuba honeymoon specialist Gordon believes few honeymoon destinations surpass Cuba. While the beaches are breath-taking, Havana is the true gem. A vibrant city with Old World charm and a passion for music like no other, the perfect place for perfecting your Latin sway.

Newlyweds honeymooning in Cuba always love taking a salsa dance class. It’s a great way to let your hair down and to really embrace Cuban culture. After the class you can head out to one of Havana’s many salsa clubs and try out your new moves on the dancefloor.

Dave Green

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3. Join The High Rollers In Vegas


Our honeymoon specialist, Fabiola, says this one’s great for the wild at heart. Las Vegas is loaded with Five Star accommodation and plenty of entertainment. So why not begin your married life in “Sin City”? Blackjack, slot machines, and flashy neon bars, a Las Vegas honeymoon has it all!

Vegas is one of my favourite destinations, I just love the casinos. I went there with my husband and it’s a crazy city and surprisingly romantic. Don’t believe me? Take in an evening water display at the Bellagio Fountains and try not to fall in love all over again.

Celine Rooney

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4. Take A Gondola Ride Through Venice

Venice Honeymoon

Sinead, our Italy honeymoon specialist says this one’s definitely for the romantics. Venice – or the “Sinking City” as it’s sometimes called – is one of Italy’s gorgeous honeymoon destinations. The famous waterways, the labyrinth of side streets and the atmosphere are simply irresistible.

Italy is an incredibly popular choice with honeymooners and Venice is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world, yet alone Italy. Newlyweds always ask about gondola rides, there’s just something so romantic and dreamlike about the whole thing.

Sinead McGrane

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5. Zip Line Through The Rainforest In Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Michael, our South America honeymoon specialist believes this is one of the most exhilarating ways to start your marriage. Costa Rica is an undeniably beautiful honeymoon destination, bursting with dense rainforest and golden beaches, and boasts the longest zip-line in the world.

I tried this in Costa Rica last year and it was unbelievable. The rush of adrenaline you get is insane. What can I say, flying over the jungle on a wire is just as exciting as it sounds. You don’t get the best chance to take in all the views however, so it would be a good idea to book a jungle trek too.

Michael Harrington

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6. Go Island-Hopping In Greece

Island-Hopping In Greece

Our honeymoon specialist, Celine, says this one’s great for culture vultures and history lovers. Greece is home to an ancient mythology and a legendary history, and some seriously breath-taking islands. Begin in Athens and end in Santorini, and take in where ever you want in between.

Greece is a gorgeous country with so many beautiful islands so island-hopping is a must if you want to take in all the sights. I would only do about three islands, as you’ll need some to time to enjoy the scenery. Santorini is definitely Greece’s prettiest island, so would always recommend ending the honeymoon there.

Orla Tooher

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7. Have A Second Wedding – Thai Style
Thai Wedding

Jennifer, our Asia honeymoon specialist says newlyweds love this marriage ceremony in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dressed in traditional Lanna attire, a monk will bless you both with water and tie a string around your wrists, before planting a tree in your marriage’s honour.

“This is a really gorgeous way to celebrate your honeymoon, and it’s perfect for couples who were stressed out on their big day worrying over their family or the photographer, and things like that. It’s such a sweet and intimate ceremony and it really gives you the chance to reflect on your new life together.

Jennifer Kearney

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8. Cruise The Galapagos Islands


Our South America honeymoon specialist Michael, says this one is perfect for nature lovers. The volcanic archipelago that inspired Charles Darwin is a truly unique wildlife destination brimming with fauna found nowhere else in the world. If the Galapagos are on your travel bucket list, why not cross it off on your honeymoon?

A honeymoon in the Galapagos is an unforgettable experience. I went there with my wife a few years back, and the two of us just loved it. We encountered the Giant Galapagos Tortoises, Penguins, Marine Iguanas and much more. It’s definitely a dream destination for wildlife lovers.

Michael Harrington

Plan your perfect Honeymoon
 Call us on (01) 6111037 to speak with a honeymoon specialist

Call us on (01) 6111037 to speak with a honeymoon specialist

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