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Home to one horned rhinos, Indian elephants and Asiatic lions, an Indian safari is certainly not short on exciting wildlife. From game drives through Bandipur National Park and the Great Himalayan National Park to taking part in the Holi festival celebrations, there never needs to be a dull moment on an Indian safari.

This vibrant country is full of colour, exotic tastes and exciting sounds. Explore the bustling cities, visit the iconic Taj Mahal or simply relax on Goa’s golden beaches. 

Indian Safari Attractions:

  • Go on a tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park. Listen for the sound of animal warnings as a tiger approaches. Less than 4,000 Tigers remain in the wild today but for the first time in 100 years the population is now growing instead of decreasing.
  • Witness the rare golden langur in its natural habitat at the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary. This is an old world monkey, as its name suggests its coat is a beautiful golden colour. These animals were considered sacred by the Himalayan people.
  • The Jungle Book was based on an Indian safari, get the opportunity to see the real life characters such as Shere Khan the fearless tiger and Baloo the sloth bear.
  • Not many people are able to say I've seen a snow leopard in its natural habitat, you could get the chance by going on a snow leopard safari in the Himalayas. Spotting these beautiful cats is not an easy task, they camouflage very well and you won’t hear them roar as they haven’t got a larynx.

Best time to visit

Oct-Apr: Could well be the best time for an Indian safari, as game drives and sightseeing are a lot easier due to the cooler temperatures.

The scenery is beautiful from October - December, this is the period after monsoon season. The parks are lush and green at this time of year, which is a stunning sight. However, this can make spotting tigers harder. An Indian safari at this time of year is a must, if you are a fan of birdlife.

Temperatures begin to rise in January and can reach as high as 40 degrees. The chances of spotting tigers and other wildlife is a lot higher as they are usually gathered around water sources.

It is not advised to travel to India during the monsoon season which occurs from late May - September.

Why we love Indian safari holidays 


“India is a riot of colours and cultures. I have travelled India extensively and I can't get enough of the food, culture, religion, lifestyle and wildlife.”

Jenniffer Kearney, Sales Executive