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From giant Baobab trees in vast dry forests, to countless rugged limestone towers, Madagascar is a truly unique country. The only thing that matches its spectacular landscape is the wildlife, with some of the most exclusive creatures on earth calling Madagascar their home.

There are roughly 150,000 animal species endemic to Madagascar, so you can't find them anywhere else on the planet. With such remarkable diversity and natural beauty on the world’s fourth largest island, a Madagascar safari is not your typical wildlife experience.

Madagascar Safari Attractions

  • Visit Montagne d'Ambre National Park and take a guided tour of the forest. This rainforest is home to chameleons, lemurs, mongoose and so much more. Considerably cooler than the rest of the island, the region often sees rainfall throughout the year, so be prepared with extra clothing.
  • Ankarana National Park is an extraordinary place of wonders. Limestone that has eroded over the centuries creates what resembles a razor-sharp stone forest. The more adventurous travellers can head to the caves below, which are home to cave-dwelling crocodiles and blind shrimp.
  • Whale watching during the winter months in Sainte Marie is a chance to witness large groups of humpback whales making their annual migration. 
  • Ringtail lemurs can be found in Berenty Reserve, a great place to get some remarkable Madagascar safari photos. Apart from the wildlife, the anthropological museum provides insight into the local culture.

Best time to visit

Madagascar is a huge country so weather conditions can vary between regions. However, there are general wet and dry seasons. The wet season occurs from December - March, it is not ideal to go on a safari holiday at this time of year as wildlife is harder to spot and rainfall is unpredictable.

The dry season takes place from April-December. If you are keen on whale watching, visiting between July - September is advised. Lemurs can generally be spotted all year round, but October and November is the perfect time of year to see baby lemurs on your Madagascar safari. Many reptiles such as chameleons are easier to spot during the hotter months of September - December.