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Situated in Southern Africa along the Atlantic Ocean coast, Namibia is the home of huge blue skies, spectacular sand dunes in the Namib - the world’s oldest desert. From rugged mountain ranges, to the harsh shores of the Skeleton Coast, the contrasting landscapes make Namibia an unforgettable place to experience.

A Namibia safari lets you spend time with local tribes in the northern Caprivi region, track desert elephant & rhino in Damaraland and witness the scale of the Fish River Canyon in the south - the choices are endless.

Namibia Safari Attractions

  • Explore the breath-taking Etosha National Park to see all of the Big Five. It’s incredibly easy to find hundreds of animals wandering through the immense territory. During the wet season, it is transformed into a lagoon brimming with pelicans and flamingos.
  • Namibia has the largest population of free-roaming African black rhino in the world, and Damaraland is a common place to find them. The Desert Rhino Camp is a useful base to explore the area, and offers daily wildlife tracking activities. 
  • Home to 75% of Africa’s cheetah population, a safari holiday in Namibia offers you the chance to see the world’s fastest mammal up close with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo.
  • The world’s largest sand dunes are in Sossusvlei, and are worth adding to your Namibia safari simply to see the remarkable colours of the sand as the sunlight hits it. Nearby is the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, where you can explore to find rare desert-adapted species of elephant and lion.

Best time to visit

In the dry season of June to October, it is a great deal easier to spot large groups of animals. With water-holes created during the wet season now dried up, the wildlife tends to congregate near more permanent sources of water.

September is considered the best time for a Namibia safari. The daytime weather is warm without being uncomfortably hot, and the colder nights of July and August are starting to get warmer.

July and August are the main winter months. Be sure to pack warm clothing because game drives in open vehicles can be chilly.

From November to April it tends to be very hot in Namibia with average, daytime temperatures easily above 30°C, we do not recommend a safari holiday in Namibia during this period.