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South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is considered a country of natural beauty and cultural diversity, from the stunning backdrop of the Table Mountain to tours of Zulu villages, there is a wide range of attractions to choose from. A South Africa safari boasts diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes and a range of luxurious lodges.

Few places offer the adventure of South Africa. Experience a game drive in Kruger National Park, visit the bustling Cape Town or take a trip to the beautiful wine lands.

South Africa Safari Attractions

  • Watch Cape buffalo lock horns, see lioness' prowling through the long grass in search of prey or spot herds of majestic elephants while on game drives through South Africa's popular reserves.
  • Unwind in luxury lodges or tents and enjoy some mouth-watering food. Try some Bobotie during your South Africa safari, this is a national dish consisting of spiced minced beef with an egg based topping. 
  • A guided bush walk through Kruger National Park, will be a memory you will never forget. Keep an eye out for the 'Big 5' as well as crocodiles, civet cats or even the endangered Cape hunting dog.
  • The famous Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, get the chance to meet this tribe and learn about their fascinating culture and influential history.
  • South Africa is one of the best locations in the world for Whale and dolphin watching. Annually, Southern Right whales migrate to the Western Cape to calve their young. Witnessing these incredible animals can be done from land or boat.

Best time to visit

South Africa’s dry season occurs during May – October. This time of year makes for superb game viewing on a South Africa safari. Animals are usually gathered around watering holes at this time of year and they are easier to spot through the thinned out shrubbery. Rainfall is rare, temperatures can rise to 25 degrees in September but mornings can still be cool, so pack accordingly. This is the most popular time for safari holidays, so expect higher hotel rates.

October - April is South Africa's wet season. The parks as less crowded at this time of year and hotel rates are lower. This is the perfect time of year for birdwatching and plenty of migratory birds are present. Although this is known as the wet season, rainfall isn’t as frequent as you would expect. Rainfall usually occurs as short afternoon showers. This is the BEST time to visit the Cape & Garden Route.

However, game viewing can be slow at this time of year as vegetation is thicker making wildlife harder to spot. If you plan to travel at this time of year, prepare for high temperatures during December, January and February.