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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

With several world class national parks, Sri Lanka is considered the best place in the Indian-subcontinent for spotting wildlife.  Home to Leopards, Elephants, buffalo and much more. However, game viewing is not all a Sri Lanka safari has to offer.  The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ boasts postcard perfect beaches, stunning scenery, an incredible history and delicious food.

Unwind on Bentota beach, take in the sights of Adam's peak, visit ancient kingdoms and cities and try the traditional fish curry, these are just some of the highlights a safari holiday in Sri Lanka has to offer.

Sri Lanka Safari Attractions

  • Leopard safaris in Yala National Park, are popular among tourists. While here you will not only see the beautiful leopards but elephants, sloth bears and birdlife too.
  • Witness the large population of elephants in Uda Walawe National Park. The elephant watching here is often said to surpass many of the world renowned national parks in Africa.
  • The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Although there aren’t any large mammals it is a beautiful place full of reptiles, plants, birds and butterflies. Over 60% of this reserves trees are endemic to Sri Lanka, it is also the home of many endemic species of bird.
  • Go for a hike through Horton Plains National Park, the diverse landscape of this park is what makes it so popular. Witness the thick forests, waterfalls and misty lakes, not to mention the variety of wildlife.
  • Sri Lanka holds the spotlight for best whale and dolphin watching in the world. Visit beautiful locations including Mirissa and Kalpitiya, here blue whales, pigmy sperm whales and pilot whales can gather in large pods of up to 100.

Best time to visit

January - March is a great time to go on a Sri Lanka safari. There is generally sunshine all over the country and rain is rare. April is the hottest month of the year, especially in the central regions were temperature are at a minimum in the mid 30's. Sightseeing during this month can be difficult.

A monsoon blows through the south west coast during May and June but this is the only part of the country affected.

July - September is a great period to travel. The average temperature around the country is 29 degrees, this time of year is great for sightseeing and it is the perfect time to go on a Sri Lanka beach holiday. However, rain is more common so expect the odd short shower.

It is advised not to travel from October - December as this is the monsoon season and the majority of the country is affected.

Why we love Sri Lanka Safari holidays 


“The 'Island of Serendipity' is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination yet you can still enjoy your Sri Lanka safari in blissful serenity. I have travelled the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" extensively, I can’t get enough of its rich culture. There is a wide variety of wildlife, endless adventure experiences including river rafting, surfing and whale migrations.”

Paula Mullins, Sales Executive