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Jordan Holidays

One of the Middle East's safest holiday destinations, Jordan is an intoxicating combination of old meets new. Boasting legendary cities, a mouth-watering cuisine, welcoming locals, and a unique cafe culture, Jordan holidays never fail to impress.


Things to Do in Jordan

  • Visit the ancient rose-coloured city of Petra. The site of Indiana Jones’ Last Crusade, the lost city of Petra is lined with majestic buildings carved into the mountains. This belongs on every travel bucket list.
  • Spend some time exploring Amman. From its ancient Roman amphitheatre to its modern coffee houses, Amman has something for everyone. Be sure to check out Rainbow Street, it has some cool shops and cafes, and hosts a market every Friday.
  • Take a dip in the Dead Sea. Float in the mineral-enriched waters of the Dead Sea, which are believed to have healing properties.
  • Pay a visit to Wadi Rum. Witness the desert’s astonishing moonscape, camp under the stars and sample famous Jordanian hospitality with a Bedouin homestay.


Best Time to Visit

Jordan is considered a year-round destination. However it can get very hot in some areas during the summer months so it may be best to avoid these months if you're planning a lot of excursions. Winter months tend to be far cooler, around 10-12° and can be quite rainy.

The best time to visit Jordan would probably during the spring months of April and May, when the weather is dry and hot, around 18-20°. 

You should note that Jordan is a Muslim country, and as such it observes Ramadan. Some restaurants and shops may be closed or operating reduced hour throughout the month.

Anyone interested in Bedouin culture should check out the Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival. Each February the seaside town of Aqaba celebrates Bedouin culture with this crafts fair. The Bedouin are an ethnic Arab group of desert dwellers, and very welcoming people. 

Visit Jerash in July for the Jerash Festival. This arts festival features all kinds of performances from theatre and poetry, to music and dance. There are also lots of stalls selling food and handicrafts. 


Why We Love It

[GoHop Team]  “If you're visiting Madaba – it’s a Christian city near Amman – you'll come across a massive mosaic artwork which visitors are invited to sign. It's a lovely way to make yourself a part of this country”.


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