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Antarctica Holidays

Laced in legend and located at the end of the world, Antarctica offers the trip of a lifetime. Set foot on the “White Continent” with an unforgettable Antarctic cruise. 


Things to Do in Antarctica 

  • Photograph the Lemaire Channel. This beautifully blue channel located between two towering ice-encrusted peaks offers some awe-inspiring scenery.
  • Get up close to penguins and seals on King George’s Island. This island is also home to numerous research centres, ideal for any science and history lovers.
  • Discover Deception Island. This strange and beautiful ring-shaped island is dotted with eerie abandoned whaling stations and scenic hot springs.
  • Make friends and family jealous by sending them home a postcard complete with an Antarctic stamp. Yes, Antarctica has a post office on Port Lockroy as part of the museum.


Best Time to Visit 

Nov-Mar: The best time to visit Antarctica and spot hatching penguin chicks, as well as catch a glimpse of seals and whales. Antarctica has a strict summer window for travellers, as the rest of the year can be brutally cold and dark. Some operators start tours as early as October, which is a great time to visit if you want to witness the penguin mating season.


Why we love it

Jennifer “Nowhere on earth can compare. I loved the incredible scenery, the adorable wildlife, and even just setting foot on the continent was magical. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime.”

Jennifer Kearney, Sales Executive

Destinations in Antarctica