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Argentina Holidays

From surreal Salta in the north, to windswept Tierra del Fuego in the south, Argentina holidays are bursting with adventure. The “Land of Silver” is home to famous revolutionaries, romantic cities, and delicious wine.


Things to Do in Argentina 

  • Spend a day or two touring Buenos Aires. Known as the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires is an irresistible collage of colonial architecture, chic boutiques, and outdoor markets. If you’re thinking of tangoing we recommend the Confiteria Ideal.
  • Hear the thundering roar of Iguazu Falls. Stretching for 3 kilometres across Argentina and Brazil, these majestic falls are exhilarating to see and even better to hear.
  • Sample Mendoza’s world-famous wine. With wineries and vineyards at every turn, this area is overflowing with full-bodied malbecs and seductive cabernets. The olive oil is also gorgeous.
  • Lying in Argentina’s south, Patagonia was once believed to be inhabited by giants. Today however, it is known to be home to sweeping scenery, magnificent national parks, and charming penguins.


Best Time to Visit 

Mar-May: Just after the peak season that brings the biggest crowds. The weather in Argentina varies a lot between the different regions, but this would be a good time to visit Patagonia and the Mendoza wine lands, particularly in March/April for the harvest. 

Jun-Sep: Is ideal if you're looking to ski in the Andes. Patagonia is gorgeous from September to April, although Tierra del Fuego is best from December to February.

Buenos Aires is beautiful from February to June; and Iguazu Falls is best from March to November. Peak season is usually around January and July, so be warned that prices may be higher.

Visit the week before Ash Wednesday for Carnaval. Not quite as wild as Brazil’s festivities, Argentina’s Carnaval is still spectacular. It takes place all over the country, but Corrientes, Gualeguaychu, La Chaya, and Santiago del Estero, throw the best parties!

Dance enthusiasts should head to Buenos Aires around February/March for the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. Check out the incredible performances and even learn a few moves yourself. 


Why we love it

Michael “I loved exploring Argentina. Salta was one of my favourite spots. The city itself is gorgeous – lots of colonial churches – and the landscape is so surreal; it’s all red canyons and cacti.”

Michael Harrington, Sales Executive

Destinations in Argentina