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Bolivia Holidays

Boasting serious beauty and cultural traditions dating back to Inca kings, Bolivia is too often overlooked. With Lake Titicaca for culture vultures and the Death Road for daredevils, Bolivia holidays are always unforgettable.


Things to Do in Bolivia 

  • Spend a couple of days in Sucre. Known as the “White City”, Sucre is one of South America’s most beautiful cities. Picture colonial buildings, terracotta rooftops, crumbling churches and traditional crafts markets.
  • Walk on the Uyuni Salt Flats. Imagine a flat white surface stretching as far as you can see. That’s Uyuni; Bolivia’s beautiful salt flats and a surreal sight. During rainy season the pools of water reflect the sky providing the impression of walking on clouds.
  • Take a trip to sacred Lake Titicaca. Asides from being beautiful, Lake Titicaca is also home to the ancient sites of Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna, and Tiwanaku – all must-sees in our books.
  • Drop by the Witches’ Market in La Paz. A bizarre bazaar of potions, powders, trinkets, and more; this is a great place for picking up souvenirs. Be warned, some of the items for sale can be quite distasteful – it is a witches’ market after all.


Best Time to Visit 

May-Oct: Probably the best time to visit Bolivia, as the weather is cooler and dry. However this is also high season, so prices may be slightly higher. Bolivian weather tends to vary with altitude, so mountainous areas are usually a lot cooler than the lowlands. Rainy season runs from November to March, when the weather can be become humid, especially in the lowlands and jungle areas

Head to La Paz for the 24th of January for Feria de Alasitas, where you find a myriad of market stalls lining the streets selling miniature items to offer to Ekeko, the household god of abundance.

Visit Oruro the week before Lent for the Oruro Carnaval and watch thousands of elaborately-dressed performers dance through the streets, while locals engage in drinking and water fighting.

Take a trip for November 1st to take part in the Day of the Dead. Featuring cemetery-housed remembrance parties and displays of decorated skulls, it’s a surprisingly lively affair.


Why we love it

Michael “Bolivia is an incredible destination that is often underrated. It has so many attractions, but I would recommend Cal Orko (the Dinosaur Wall) for archaeology buffs or kids, and a trip to the Silver mines in Potosi can be real eye-opener for anyone.”

Michael Harrington, Sales Executive

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