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Chile Holidays

A long ribbon of land clinging to the edge of South America, Chile is a stretch of varied landscapes and extraordinary scenery. Chile holidays are ideal for lovers of the outdoors.


Things to Do in Chile

  • Explore the arid Atacama Desert. See the country’s largest salt flat flecked pink with flamingos, visit the steaming El Tatio geysers, and watch the sun set over the Valley of the Moon.
  • Trek Patagonia and Torres Del Paine. Chile’s southern national parks are undeniably gorgeous and must-see when visiting the country. Torres Del Paine is one of the most scenic landscapes in South America.
  • Discover why Chilean wine is internationally-known on a tour of the vineyards. Located just outside of Santiago, Chile’s wine lands are easy to visit.
  • Take a trip to Easter Island. Explore the enigmatic moai statues, some of which were believed to have been carved around 1000 years ago. Also tour the ceremonial town of Orongo, located atop a volcanic crater.


Best Time to Visit

Nov-Mar: Summertime in Chile is pretty special. We'd recommend travelling in March if you are planning on touring the winelands and lake districts. In March, the summer crowds start to thin out, with warm and sunny weather in a large part of the country.

The best time to visit the south of the country is from September to April, and the central regions are great any time of the year. Easter Island suits year-round visits, while ski season runs mid-June to early October.

Visit Easter Island around February for the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival. Featuring traditional dance, wood carving, and surf competitions, Tapati is Easter Island’s top festival.

Take a trip around the 18th of September for Chile’s National Independence Day. Santiago has the biggest celebrations, think barbeques, wine, and lots of dancing.

Book lovers should drop by Santiago late September for the International Festival of Literature. With readings, performances, discussions, and lectures from writers both local and international, any bibliophile is bound to love it.


Why we love it

Michael “Chile is one of my favourite destinations. It has so many different things to do outdoors, from desert excursions to skiing. My highlights were exploring Easter Island and the Atacama Desert.”

Michael Harrington, Sales Executive


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